5 Savage Tips To Increase Online Conversions With John Highley

John Highley
John Highley

If we look at any brand, whether it is Netflix or Tesla, we would find a high level of personalization and it could be said that the vast majority of companies are investing deep in personalization. Brands of 2021 that do not create a personalized experience—lose traction. Because consumers all around the world expect tailor-made solutions. That is why, in this article, we will show you a 5-step process that is proven to help you understand your target audience and give them what they want. 

In order to create this personalized experience, you must understand your customers. Understanding the science behind the mindset, the factors that influence customer behavior, and the ability to motivate action are one of the few puzzles that marketers solve. 

Savage marketer John Highley is a great example of someone who creates personalized experiences for his target audience. He runs (add company name) which provides digital marketing, content, and website design. 

Here are 5 tips to guide you in the ever-changing digital marketing environment.

Stay Committed to Finding out the Truth

Marketing is a commitment to finding out the truth about your product/service, your customers, and your competition. During this journey, companies come across a lot of information that includes studies about the product/service and the people who will buy it. Then comes the part of assimilating the data with the objectives of the company. Marketers consider many mental perspectives that are eventually related to selling.

Understand Your Buyers

For a certain segment of buyers, there is a social element that is related to the purchase. For example, you are selling a digital marketing course – you would ask yourself that why your customers would buy from you?

John was committed to understanding his buyers and that is how he was able to create a successful business.

It is probably related to social status. Initially, it is the knowledge that the consumer is after but the goal of attaining knowledge is secondary to the primary goal of making money. 

John is Highly adaptable at pinpointing the right strategy for a target market, he has helped several companies build brands and improve sales.

 Identify Buyer Motivation

It does sound wrong in so many ways but peer pressure is something that every company must consider. Because many people want to fit in the crowd, even billionaires are doing it, look at Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. Peer pressure is a vital factor that should be closely looked at in a market study. Remember, purchases are full of ego.

This is the kind of approach that will help you fit your product or service fits into these so-called social standings. You will find key trends and you will have to look closely because, on the other hand, large companies are spending tons of money on marketing and research, they are applying it. That is where your answer lie. You can spot the same trends they did, the only difference is, now you have a case study that guarantees that the trends are solid.

Be Observant and Stylish

Surely, brands do not want to be boring? Brands develop their own style, some spend millions and some have an eagle’s eye that spots trends. It is not a bad idea to follow trendsetters, understanding their strategies is the first step and the second step, well, you make their strategies your own by adding your creativity. Once you develop a fair bit of understanding, you will be able to weave your ideas into your market and make them work because they are originally based on a tried and tested trend.

By no means should one copy. Being inspired is being preached here. You pick out trends that are performing well and then you use this information in your marketing efforts. 

Empathize with your Target Market

Every marketer knows that all begins with identifying and understanding your target audience. You need to know their purchase behavior. Your customers have desires that supercharge their purchase decisions. Advertisers use ad appeals like fear, pleasure, love, emotions, and desires that are the core of their customer’s purchase decisions. 

No one wants to admit the truth that we all buy based on status. While we justify our purchase, the core reason is entirely different than what we say to others or to ourselves. 

John knows how to measure a target audience and he has a knack for finding the key areas that help companies improve. 

Many companies are looking to scale their efforts but first, they have to ask a few questions. What is their most successful mode of sale? (online, face-to-face). You understand all the areas from copywriting to ad marketing but you are still having little traction selling online. One of the best ways to gather information is to talk to your customers, interview them. Find out what they want. Find the truth.


Savage marketers like John create value for their customers, remember, value lasts. And this was what make brands. It would be best if you start understanding the science behind it. Testing your target market and making an offer that sells. 

Every market responds to certain verbiage, for example, you cannot sell the same kind of language to football players and boxers. The key to connect with your prospects is to learn their language. 


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