What does the office of a top company look like?


What’s the formula to be a successful company; leaders in your field? LinkedIn’s Top companies list for 2021 shows it’s not enough to simply turn a profit. Of the 50 companies ranked, the leading companies, including Apple, Bank of America, and Amazon, were described as helping their employees to “build a professional foundation that sets them up for success both at the company and beyond.”

In response to the pandemic, companies that have put people first with paid Covid-19 leave, mental health support services and flexible working options have seen their reputations enhanced.

Companies in the top 10 were noted for allowing employees to work from home. As a result of Covid-19, innovative stances on hybrid working are becoming readily accepted and encouraged. Recognised through research, including a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study in the UK, it’s proven that hybrid workers are happier, take fewer sick days, save money on commuting costs, and spend more time with their families.

It’s with these benefits in mind that leading companies around the world are joining BeeRemote. The start-up is an all-in-one solution to help companies create customised hive working experiences for their employees with access to over one thousand offices, 24/7 customer service, and a global benefits marketplace.

One common realisation across BeeRemote’s clients was the inefficient overhead costs of permanent office space, “It was difficult to think about ways to keep our team remote while still creating a good team culture. BeeRemote allowed us to do that by giving our team comfortable places to work.” Sofos’ Head of Operations Sofia Roque said, noting that the cost was significantly less than maintaining their former larger offices.

Based on average office cost in the U.S and twelve monthly visits per employee, a company with one hundred employees would save $26,700 a month utilizing BeeRemote. That’s $320,400 annually.

“Our innovative ‘Hive Working’ solution helps leading companies attract top talent from around the world, gain access to over 1500 offices and save themselves the stress of irrelevant overhead costs and complicated contracts” explains Gabriel Nimrod, CEO, and Co-founder of BeeRemote.

In the new world of work, the prescription for success isn’t guaranteed, but top companies around the world are showing that healthy company culture is just as important as healthy cash flow.

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