Fundraising platform “First HelpCare” builds its presence all over India


Agree or not! In life, money plays an important role. To be on point, love won’t pay bills. It is the work you do that brings money to the table. Monetary value is of utmost significance to initiate any venture or a campaign. Be it to establish a business or to raise funds for a cause, money is the key aspect in everyone’s life. To raise money for any personal requirements, professional needs or any social campaigns, there are fundraising platforms that play a major role in raising a huge amount of funds. First HelpCare is one such crowdfunding platform that has helped in raising a large number of funds from the public.

Apart from helping entities to start a business, the platform has initiated fundraisers for child education, medical campaigns and many other organisational campaigns in the past. On several occasions, the fundraising platform has come in aid of people who have fallen short of money. Precisely. Much before the COVID-19 crisis, and even during the ongoing pandemic, First HelpCare has been instrumental in arranging funds for different categories.

Raising money from India as well as across borders, thousands of people have been helped through this online fundraising platform. This not-for-profit crowdfunding platform portal has attracted investors from different walks of life. It is one of the key reasons behind First HelpCare being a leading fundraising platform in India. Having raised a great amount of money from investors and financial institutions, First HelpCare has worked rigorously in raising funds for poor people during the coronavirus pandemic. Besides arranging for the oxygen beds, the online portal has helped daily-wage workers who lost their jobs during this challenging time.

Started in Ranchi, the platform has eventually spread its operations all over India. Founded by Afzal Anis, he shared his take on how the portal reaches out to maximum people all over India. He said, “Our fundraisers are divided into different categories. The first one being for the community or social projects that majorly goes into charities. The second one is for creative arts and corporations who need financial support to start a venture or for any other business requirements, and the third one is for development causes like education, health and infrastructure.” Supporting causes and requirements after thorough background checks, First HelpCare helps no time in its work of raising funds. To know more, you can visit its official website

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