Update 3: Airplane Crash at Thunder Bay Airport

airplane crash - Newshawk Image
Image from an NNL Newshawk.

Thunder Bay – NEWS – There is an update on the ongoing investigation by Transport Canada into the crash of the aircraft at Thunder Bay Airport.

The TSB investigation team has provided the following update:

The aircraft was found in an inverted position and was destroyed by a post-impact fire. A preliminary inspection of the flight controls for continuity has not revealed any pre-impact anomalies. No evidence of bird ingestion was found.

The investigation team is in the process of completing the examination of the aircraft and the occurrence site. The site has been released and the aircraft wreckage is now stored in a secure location for further examination. Investigators will also continue to conduct witness interviews and gather information from company officials and air traffic control.

The aircraft was taking off from Thunder Bay and headed to Dryden.

The pilot onboard the aircraft died in the crash.