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Thunder Bay – POLITICS – I am a disabled military veteran currently fighting my government in court for benefits I am entitled to because of an unlawful decision from Employment Insurance. The Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion at that time was aware of my situation, and did nothing to correct it- even though that individual was the only person on the planet with the ability to stop what was happening.

I would suggest that as I am going through this there are literally thousands of Afghans who are being slaughtered in the streets of their own country solely for assisting the Canadians with their missions while they were there. I am one of the veterans that you have likely heard about that has been fighting to help these people find safety as the Taliban has very rapidly overthrown their government.

I would suggest that the current government never did have the backs of Canadians at any point during this pandemic. What they did was controlled the narrative so they could make these grandiose claims as they called an election that nobody wants- and they are doing it solely because they refuse to work cooperatively with any other party for the best interests of Canadians.

At the beginning of the Pandemic we were told that there was very little cause for concern for the spread of this virus in Canada. We were told there was no need to close the borders for our own protection and it would be offensive to do so because it was simply racist. We were told that masks don’t work and there was no reason for us to go looking for them. We were also told that all we needed to do is stay home for two weeks to flatten the curve and we would all be fine. Then it turned out that the only way we could protect our country was to close the borders, Patty Hajdu was more than happy to wear a home made mask but only after she was given special instructions on how to do it by Dr. Teresa Tam, and two weeks morphed into multiple lock-downs that spanned much longer than what we were told would flatten the curve.

While announcing that we are going into another election Trudeau is stating boldly that his government intends to resettle 20,000 Afghans. I would suggest to you that this is a promise he does not intend to keep. If he did, he would have had planes at the ready when he told the people of Afghanistan to apply to his special measures for assistance to relocate when he gave them 72 hours for their application to be completed.

Right now the people that need his help most are stranded in the streets of Kabul. The were sitting at the airport until there was live gunfire opened up on them.

Much of what this government promises is lip service. The tyranny Justin Trudeau speaks about that is necessitating this election is being caused by his own government.

My email box is currently being inundated by people in Afghanistan trying to flee the country.

Amanda Moddejonge
Green Party of Canada
Thunder Bay – Superior North

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