How to Stay Grounded and Confident, According to Shareena Ghassab Alameri


Being extremely confident whilst managing to keep both feet firmly on the ground is a tricky tightrope walk. The confidence of high-achievers, entrepreneurs, and the extremely talented can all too often spill over into arrogance, and arrogance is a recipe for disaster when it comes to making the right decisions, calling the right plays, and anticipating potential pitfalls. Shareena Ghassab Alameri is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized photographer who is used to being praised for her work and sought after by high-profile clients. Yet, whilst being supremely confident in her abilities, she refuses to let her enviable reputation or considerable plaudits go into her head. She believes that staying down-to-earth and grounded is the only real way to deal with success

“With success comes a great deal of flattery and you’ll find yourself moving in circles where everybody wants to meet and greet you, and be your friend,” says Shareena Ghassab Alameri. “The danger comes if you start believing everything they tell you. In such instances, people can begin to feel they don’t even have to try and create something special, or push themselves to achieve because they feel they have the King Midas touch. This is a fallacy, as no matter where you are in life, what you’ve done, or what you are capable of, you should never take anything for granted or believe you don’t have to continue working hard to further your career.”

As someone who has traveled extensively, Alameri has experienced many different cultures, immersed herself into many different environments, and sought to understand a broad range of perspectives regarding every subject under the sun. Yet, one thing that stays the same for her no matter where she roams is that successful individuals everywhere have mastered the ability to be confident and stay grounded simultaneously.

Alameri states, “In any industry or field, if you haven’t got confidence, you’re pretty much finished. Confidence is the root that nourishes everything else. It is the base from which you can build your brand, develop your talent, and take on the world. People relate to confidence. They admire, respect, and are inspired by it. Yet, there is a fine line between having a high degree of confidence and losing your bearings and getting lost at sea. They say pride comes before a fall, and that’s true. I’ve seen it time and time again. Talented people start believing their own hype and it undermines what made them successful in the first place. They become sloppy and believe they no longer back up their reputation with the high-caliber work that made their name. You should always remember where you come from and stay true to who you are.”

At the age of 33, Alameri has plenty left in the tank and many years to develop her skills as a photographer and build her brand. Yet, no matter what plaudits come her way or how successful she becomes, she stresses that she’ll always be the same girl from the UAE who first picked up a camera all those years ago and began the journey of a lifetime.

Shareena Ghassab Alameri says, “My philosophy has always been to not let circumstances change me but to use my skills and ability to change them and leave my unique mark on the world. That to me is the nature of true success.”

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