Can Testosterone Boosting Supplements Help You Build Muscle Faster?

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Testosterone is undoubtedly one of the most important hormones in the human body. This androgen hormone is responsible for a variety of essential functions, especially among men. It promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and supports the development of masculine characteristics such as deepened voice, hair growth and improved stamina.

If you suffer from low T-levels, you may experience some unpleasant symptoms such as reduced sex drive, rapid weight gain, shrinking bone mass and even erectile dysfunction. In addition, low testosterone levels can negatively affect your state of mind – it may even trigger chronic stress and depression.

What are testosterone supplements?

Testosterone supplements, also known as T boosters, are natural substances that improve Testosterone levels when taken in the right dosage. These supplements can be administered in various forms. Injectable testosterone, for instance, consists of T compounds called “esters” that are suspended in an oil solution. You can administer it by injecting it directly into your buttocks. On the other hand, transdermal testosterone supplements can simply be applied onto the skin since they’re available as patches and gels. Oral testosterone capsules are probably the most popular T boosters today. They’re ingested orally as prescribed by a certified physician.

After conducting numerous studies on T supplements, scientists found that testosterone boosters can help you build muscle. One study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that testosterone replacement therapy was quite effective in improving the symptoms of hypogonadism such as low libido and reduced muscle mass. Testosterone levels are considered to be low if they fall below 300 ng/dL. However, T boosters can help men to achieve normal levels of this vital hormone, which is anywhere between 300 and 1000 ng/dL. The benefits provided by testosterone boosting supplements can’t simply be swept under the rug.

What are the advantages of using testosterone boosting supplements?

  • Increasing muscle mass

If you’re trying to gain muscle or look leaner, then taking T-boosters might help. Testosterone promotes the development of neurotransmitters in the brain, which in turn boosts muscle and tissue growth. It also causes the body’s growth hormone (GH) levels to soar. Most testosterone boosting supplements have several active ingredients that support both protein synthesis and testosterone production. These include fenugreek extract and D-aspartic acid. To enhance your muscle mass and strength, it’s important to combine testosterone supplementation with an effective strength training regimen and proper diet.

  • Losing stubborn fat

T boosters can also help individuals to lose stubborn fat, especially the unhealthy visceral fat. Testosterone helps men to burn fat quicker and more effectively. This hormone mainly does this by limiting the production of estrogen and similar feminizing sex hormones that deter the body’s ability to metabolize fat and build muscle.

  • Improving sex drive

Men who suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction can benefit immensely from testosterone boosting supplements. Low testosterone has been found to reduce sex drive significantly. Sadly, T-levels lower at an alarming rate of 1% per year when men hit 30. That’s why cases of ED are so prevalent among middle-aged men. By administering certain T-boosters, you can boost your energy levels and improve your sex drive. Most libido-enhancing testosterone supplements rely on panax ginseng and D-aspartic acid to turbocharge men’s sexual vitality.

  • Strengthening bones

Most men dream of having muscular physiques, but they rarely think about their skeletal systems. Having strong bones is important to facilitate proper movement of limbs and joints. Your bones are also responsible for supporting and protecting your heart, lungs, muscles and other body organs. Bone density usually plummets as we age, owing to the gradual reduction in testosterone levels. This increases the risk of developing osteoporosis and brittle bones. However, T-boosters have been scientifically shown to increase bone density significantly, helping to keep your bones strong and healthy throughout your lifetime.

  • Improving mood

Low levels of testosterone have also been linked to stress, depression and a reduced quality of life. In fact, men with low T-levels are more likely to be fatigued, irritable and unhappy. These symptoms are often associated with hypogonadism, a disease that inhibits the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women due to defective gonads. Getting testosterone boosting supplements can improve your mood, lower your fatigue and improve your quality of life.

What are the side effects of testosterone boosters?

Just like any other drug, testosterone boosting supplements have a few side effects. For instance, injectables may lead to mood swings in certain individuals while some testosterone patches can cause skin irritations. Ensure you consult your doctor before starting on any T-booster.


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