Producer Rajiv Whabi says sequel for feature film ‘If Something Happens’ not in the pipeline. Looks forward to exploring new genres.

Rajiv Whabi
Rajiv Whabi

When asked if there’s a sequel in the offing for If Something Happens, his directorial debut feature film that released on OTT in 2019. “I’ve been asked a few times if I’m working on the sequel of If Something Happens but it’s not something I’m currently considering,” says Rajiv Whabi. “I feel like all the characters in this film played out well, and it ends there.”

He expressed a keen interest to explore different genres for future projects. “I’m currently considering scripts revolving around investigative journalism, courtroom drama, and even locked-room mysteries”.

Rajiv Whabi also stated his inclination towards finding the right screenplay, or story adaptation for producing a ‘feel good’ drama or a high concept rom-com. “Considering quite a large percentage of popular digital content is dominated by gritty and dark themes, a well-executed feel-good film or digital series could be a refreshing contrast for many viewers.”




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