Making a Mark On The World Through Real Estate – Joseph Griffin


Joseph Griffin, also known as “The Tax Deed Wolf” is an army veteran of 11 years with 2 deployments, he started his career to serve his country! Right after his retirement as a Nursing ICU Manager, he started working as a Real Estate investor and is now the owner of Quality Trade Group LLC, specializing in Tax Deed Sales and Credit Repair Services.

Accepting his calling to help and give back to his community, Joseph put his experience in his book “Tax Deed Investing”, which teaches normal individuals just like you and I how to purchase property at extremely low prices, and has helped a countless number of people achieve their financial goals and freedom!

The Tax Deed Wolf explains that anyone can launch their own career in Real Estate investing, as after his own retirement from his career in military, Joseph, now 29 years of age got quickly known for purchasing 3 PROPERTIES in less than 30 DAYS with less than $5k in his pocket which he had saved up from doing travel nurse contracts. Based on his success, and his love of sharing, he decided that this blue print that he had created could also be of help for others as well in becoming property owners. From his experience, Tax Deed Wolf Academy was created to give each and every willing individual a step-by-step guide to purchasing property from tax deed options.

Unlike the common thought of many, Joseph assures that it doesn’t take a “Realtor” to invest in property! Multiple ways are available to take advantage of the market allowing you to have a grasp of it and providing you a reliable and decent stream of income. At this point, some of these questions might be hovering in your mind: Can I do it? Is it even legal? How can all of this even be possible?

Well, to cut it short, Tax Deeds are the answer you’re looking for!

In brief, when someone doesn’t pay their property taxes on time, their property is sold at an auction. Which in turn allows you to bid on it and purchase it for a VERY LOW price, accounting for a fraction of its original price and value! $3,000 was what got The Tax Deed Wolf his first purchase which he sold for $10,000 a couple of weeks later!

In an Instagram search, you will directly find him at the top. He is in such a rare and specialized niche of Real Estate, where only 2 others are his direct competitors. This niche area of Real Estate which he dominates will allow you to buy property for thousands of dollars cheaper, but what makes Joseph special and differentiates him from other Real Estate Investors is that he in fact teaches and mentors various real estate agents as well as other real estate investors.

Whether you’re looking to get your foot through the wide door in the Real Estate Business, looking for a Real Estate Mentor, trying to buy your own property or seeking to make a the switch from the regular working Middle class to the wealthier Upper class, it’s time to reach out to Joseph Griffin, The Tax Deed Wolf and his team; so click here or reach him via e-mail. Make sure to also follow on his Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts to stay updated on his latest endeavors and mentorships!

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