Multi-Skilled Entrepreneur Shares Advice On How To Build Success From Scratch


Everyone aspires for success in life. Yet the path leading towards it is usually thorny. To get started, you need to formulate the image of the very ideal you are striving for. Success comes to those who plan wisely and work relentlessly. While those who have already reached the heights have a lot to teach the newcomers.

In psychology, the following technique is common: if you want to become a person with the right set of qualities, behave as if you already have them. Think as if you have already become that person.

Aaron Civitarese created his success from scratch. Being an entrepreneur, salesman, enrollment coach, Growth Mindset podcaster, he attributes his success to one thing only: the right mindset.

Today, Aaron is the enrollment director of an 8-figure sales team that coaches thousands in e-commerce. Apart from this, he hosts a Growth Podcast dedicated to encouraging millions to ignite their passion for success and harbour a growth mindset as the baseline. And this is not all. Never willing to sit back and relax, Aaron launched a crypto-education platform to help people avoid scams and ensure they get the most out of the industry.

We spoke with Aaron to gain some tips and tricks on how to nurture one’s inner passion and direct it towards success.

Take Action

“Knowledge is not enough, you have to apply it.” Says Aaron

What makes a successful person stand out from the rest? Ability to quickly move from thought to action. This does not mean that you need to rush headlong into everything that was dreamed at night and seemed brilliant. This means that you need to clearly think over and write down the strategy and tactics, and then do everything possible to achieve your goal.

Value Your Time

Time is an irreplaceable resource. Learn to prioritize and spend time on what matters most. To be successful, you need to bring ideas to life faster than others can.

Do not lose your time on negative thoughts that can become a serious obstacle to growth and new ideas.

“The different negative thoughts pop up in your mind because of your inner critic, a demeaning inner voice you nurture when you always feed your conscious and subconscious mind negative ideas. Once you become more aware of your self-talk, acknowledge you have an inner critic that requires validation. Then you can move to replacing these thoughts with positive and structured frameworks that are moving you towards your goals”, says Aaron.

Trust Yourself

“A good entrepreneur shouldn’t see failure as a negative experience: it’s just a spot on the learning curve. I learned this the hard way in Asia when I made some bad investments and got down on myself to the point of depression. I then realized I had been doing everything I could with the skill and knowledge I had, so it was in fact a learning moment, not a crying moment.” He said with a smile.

If you have a problem with trusting yourself, admit it now and find a solution before starting your entrepreneurial journey. If you lack confidence in yourself, it shall be difficult for you to experience the first difficulties that will inevitably arise; thus there is a high probability of falling out of the race. Do not expose yourself to unnecessary stress and pump your personal qualities in advance. “Skill drives self belief.” Said Aaron

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Learn from your mistakes, admit them, and move on. The one who does nothing cannot be mistaken. With the right mindset, the little steps you take to succeed will give you confidence and a sense of joy in what you are doing.

“With the wrong mindset, no success will ever be good enough because such people are always coming from the position of “lack”. When you create from this place you will never be able to have what you want, and if you do, you won’t be able to keep it. The reason is that you’re giving power to the lack, not the creation. Align with the end result you want and create it, don’t look back, don’t sit in the past…create the future you want in your mind, write it down and create a tension structure that pulls you towards the desired outcome.”, says Aaron. “Shout out to Chris Duncan for the insights!” Aaron says with a virtual high-five.

Should you wish to check out more of his insights, listen to his Growth Mindset podcast or check out how ordinary people are finding success online with ecommerce.





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