LEO Agriculture Constellation Plans by Max Polyakov’s EOSDA

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LEO Agriculture Constellation Plans by Max Polyakov’s EOSDA

EOSDA’s founder and managing partner Dr. Max Polyakov, was recently interviewed by Via Satellite. He reveals details of the upcoming LEO agriculture constellation launching.

LEO Agriculture Constellation Plans by Max Polyakov’s EOSDA

Earth Observing System Data Analytics (EOSDA) intends to provide data for forestry, agriculture, disaster recovery, and gas and oil fields while using satellite technology. The latest announcement reveals intentions to bring seven EOS SAT satellites into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) by 2024.

This constellation will help monitor farmlands remotely. The process of launching is spearheaded by Max Polyakov, the founder of EOSDA and Noosphere Ventures managing partner. Dr. Polyakov recently spoke to Via Satellite; he shared some insights about the upcoming project and why EOSDA will be a significant contributor in the Low Earth Orbit sector. Below is a recap of the interview.

The Project and the Funding

Question: Please share the number of satellites you intend to launch. What about the funding?

To answer the first question, Polyakov hints that the constellation’s final size will determine the number of satellites. The current plan features seven optical satellites that require a three-day revisit plan for the key regions. Any changes that would necessitate a reduction in the revisit days amount could influence the constellation’s expansion.

When talking about the project’s source of funds, Dr. Max Polyakov states that his company is in the process of negotiating with investors who understand EOSDA’s field of specialization. The successful partnership would be a sign of interest in providing accurate data useful for scientific research and business-oriented purposes.

Challenges Hindering EOSDA’s Success

Question: What would you consider the main challenges EOSDA faces in an attempt to remain successful?

EOSDA struggles with establishing itself as a reputable competitor within the satellite widening industry. This process requires a lot of time and commitment. In the meantime, EOSDA is working on demonstrating its advantages as it builds its prestige as one of the reliable high-quality imagery data providers. Unlike its competitor companies, EOSDA is strategic; the company is bound to provide clients with solutions by developing a vertically integrated ecosystem.

Target Customers

Question:  What clients are you targeting? Is there a difference in the targeted clients (individuals and big organizations)?

Dr. Polyakov says that there is a notable difference in scale: small farmers require innovative data to optimize resources while large farmer companies would use it to remotely monitor their fields. The latest solutions will target three markets:

1. Local integrators with a significant presence in the market because they are responsible for introducing and distributing accurate agriculture technologies.

2. Input suppliers as they create comprehensive approaches that cover farmers’ requirements.

3. The farmers. Such innovations and their success will significantly benefit them.

Investment Plans for Satellite Technologies

Question: What plans do you have for EOSDA in ground segment and satellite innovations?

Dr. Max Polyakov reckons that the year ahead is going to be very exciting. Besides the EOS SAT constellation, the company intends to launch EOS SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). The two projects will be synergized to deliver radar and optical data.


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