Body Talk by JayQ The Legend


JayQ The Legend is a famous songwriter, musician, keyboardist, record producer, and record executive who performs with an aptitude for soul and rap. He incorporates the eccentric and theatric elements of his city into his music. He instinctively commands interest and attention whenever he takes the stage. With fiercely created lyrics and music, JayQ The Legend successfully pushes his art to new levels and depths of mindfulness every single time. 

 JayQ The Legend has gained worldwide recognition after the release of his Body Talk song. It got featured in the Netflix 2020 hit movie “The App That Stole Christmas.” In this article, let us talk about the album in detail.

Creation of Body Talk Album

Body Talk is from JayQ The Legend’s debut EP named ‘JayQ4U.’ He wrote the song alongside the Grammy Award winner, Soko7. Soko7 is well-known for his work on Jay-Z and Beyonce’s song, ‘Drunk in Love.’ 

In his song, JayQ The Legend seamlessly incorporated and combined aspects of hip-hop and pop to make music that embraces and depicts the joys and hardships of life. He has an authentic and raw style that gets amalgamated with his deep and sensual vocals and commands. This characteristic of his song draws in the attention and focus of all listeners. With his enigma, JayQ The Legend implores the people to explore the world with him. 

What Does Body Talk Encompass?

The soul-filled work of Body Talk captures the essence of classic and realistic woes that arise in a relationship. It brilliantly articulated the sexual tension formed during and within a passion-filled lover’s quarrel, giving a new and fresh outlook to the struggles experienced by lovers. It demonstrates and signifies the need for mutual respect and positivity in a relationship. Body Talk emphasizes the meaning of not aggravating and intensifying negativity through the empowerment of “Body Language Talk.”  

 In the song, JayQ The Legend’s manner of singing makes us understand that he is feeling misused by his lover. He asks his partner to talk to him and express her emotions, woes, and troubles. Further illustrated by the magnificent and mesmerizing music video, JayQ The Legend pleads for his love’s understanding as she is frolicking in a club irrespective of who else is present. He merely seeks the due respect that he is supposed to get in the relationship. 

 The line “I’m like the pentagon – don’t negotiate with terrorists” asks his partner to cease all fights among them and not to take his love for granted. With upbeat music, lively style, and lyrics that touch the heart and soul, the song has amassed and garnered the love of many. 

 Achievements of Body Talk

JayQ The Legend’s debut single, Body Talk, is exceedingly famous worldwide. It has successfully and without a surprise hit the top of the Billboard Digital Song and iTunes charts. Since its release, the song has received more than 17 million US Radio impressions.

On the Urban AC Radio 2020, Body Talk reached about 19 YTD. Additionally, the song had secured a nomination for the 2020 Hollywood Music in Media Award (HMMA), this being JayQ The Legend’s second one. 


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