Mechanic or Model? The Cummins Cowgirl Can Do Both!


Models, beauty queens, and product endorsers – despite the progressive mindset that dominates the 21st century, stereotypes of women in these professions remain rampant. Breaking barriers and welcoming the age of new thought, The Cummins Cowgirl is powering through multiple industries simultaneously.

Chloe Yonker, heavily followed on social media as “The Cummins Cowgirl,” is a rising icon of female strength. With a whopping 350 thousand followers on Instagram, Chloe has established herself as a mechanic turned model, content creator, and entrepreneur.

Her journey first began after she realized the desire to step away from the corporate 9-to-5 desk job. “I wanted to be independent without working for another company so I could have more freedom of where I go, who I work with, and just build my own brand.”

So, she decided to become a mechanic. To say the task was a challenge would be an understatement, and the first few weeks of learning were extremely tasking. However, Chloe stayed on track. She remained driven and dispelled all doubts – staying inspired by the success of female influencer entrepreneurs and mechanics.

It’s amazing seeing other women succeed and do big things because it makes me want to push harder and do amazing things with them,” she shared.

Once she became a full-fledged heavy-duty diesel mechanic, Chloe Yonker thought it was time to pay it forward. She logged on to social media channels as “The Cummins Cowgirl.” Her looks, wit, and infectious love for life quickly attracted viewers and fans to her platform, and soon, The Cummins Cowgirl slowly transitioned into a household name.

The rise to recognition was enough to give the talented influencer an avenue to realize her dreams further. While juggling the titles of mechanic and model, Chloe tacked on another crown and became an entrepreneur. While inspiring her audience to smash stereotypes and pursue their ambitions, The Cummins Cowgirl launched an online venture.

Due to her growing audience, the venture was a veritable success and has helped The Cummins Cowgirl open a shop of her own. From a mechanic wrenching on semi-trucks for a living, Chloe Yonker is now a full-time businesswoman and powerhouse Instagram influencer managing a company she built from the ground up.

Beauty, brains, skill, and determination – these were the traits that pushed The Cummins Cowgirl to the coveted spotlight. Having to win past doubts and through the initial disbelief of archaic-minded individuals was arduous, but she succeeded – and now, Chloe is working on ensuring that her audience would do the same.

You’ve gotta put in the work,” she reminded them. “It’s going to get hard, but if it were easy, then everyone would do it. Follow your dreams, passions, hobbies – whatever it may be that motivates you.”

She added, “learn from mistakes and try something else if it’s not working. Also, be consistent. That’s the hardest thing to do, but it’s also very important.”

Learn more about the mechanic, model, entrepreneur, and influencer, The Cummins Cowgirl. Stay updated and be inspired by her story on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, or her official website.

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