Building Your Online Business: King Kodi on Creating Successful Online Entrepreneurs Through Coaching Program


    In today’s highly digitalized world, many entrepreneurs are departing the traditional brick and mortar business model and are taking advantage of the global market of the internet. However, many aspiring entrepreneurs are often paralysed by the plethora of opportunities online and are unable to choose a single path. Fortunately, entrepreneur and internet nomad, King Kodi is laying out the blueprint and helping entrepreneurs scale their online business to success through his company, Build Your Business Online.

    Build Your Online Business is a coaching company focused on training aspiring online entrepreneurs how to scale their business by leveraging on their personal brand and harnessing their skills. The company helps entrepreneurs realize that the largest asset of a new business venture is the entrepreneur and the vision behind the business. They specialize in utilizing 0% and low-interest credit and help fund multiple businesses investing in growth of their students. The company also helps its students create multiple income streams that are flexible and location independent so they can travel and live their best life.

    Standing at the helm of the company is King Kodi and his team of 25 professionals scattered across Australia, Canada, UK and USA. The curated strategies of Build Your Business Online coaching program is targeted to help individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their business online but lack the necessary knowledge. With its top-to-bottom training guide, the coaching company emphasizes the importance of adapting to changes and has helped many students achieve financial freedom by implementing long term solutions.

    Over the past six years, King Kodi has coached and empowered over 450 students in more than 30 countries, paving the way for aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life to generate over $50 million in the e-commerce space, creating 25 six figure earners and two millionaires. King’s dedication to his students’ success is born out of his past struggles as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    Now the CEO of the reputable coaching company, Build Your Business Online, King had a non-conventional life. He dropped out of college at a young age to seek another path as he knew conventional schooling was not for him. Despite his poor grades, he held his head high as he always believed he was destined for greater things. A time he described as being lost with no hope or direction, King started working at a local grocery store, barely making enough to feed as he had to pay off his $10,000 credit card debt.

    Striving to change his life for the better, King started a business out of his basement – selling clothes on Shopify. With sheer perseverance and hardwork, King overcame the entrepreneurial huddles and made his first $100,000 in sales. He then went on to scale his home-based business for success, paid off his debts and saved four digits all within a year. The humble beginning opened King’s eyes to the potential of the e-commerce space and how many lives can change for the better if only they possess the same entrepreneurial knowledge.

    In the coming years, King Kodi has made a solemn promise to impact 10,000 people and help them realize the power of the internet and how it can be utilized to bring their dream lifestyle to fruition. King aims for his coaching program to reform the educational system, helping students realize that there are unconventional yet legal paths to success.

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