Trainer Omkar Shewale on the impact of workout on physical and mental wellness

Omkar Shewale
Omkar Shewale

A proper workout is necessary for physical health, but it certainly plays a vital role in balancing the mental health as well. Many dieticians and fitness enthusiasts say that exercise not just helps to maintain physical health but also mental wellness.

Omkar Shewale, a renowned nutritionist and fitness trainer who is famous for his perfection among various celebrities gave his views on how exercise and proper diet helps to maintain not just physical health but also mental and emotional health. The fabulous fitness enthusiast is often seen motivating his followers for doing a proper fitness regime for maintaining health.

Omkar believes that exercise not jus brings physical fitness, but also mental stability and a healthy environment. “Healthy exercise routine brings positive energy, healing, detoxification, and freshness into your life. Exercising daily is known to balance hormones, manage stress, and manage weight to the best”, said Omkar.

Omkar Shewale is one of the well-known fitness trainers whose wide expertise has made him one of the bests in the market. The terrific trainer who hails from Satara has been training vocalist Darshan Raval for three years now. Besides that, the fitness trainer has worked with numerous known names of the industry and is often seen passing on his information to his fans.

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