The Perks of Working for a Digital Agency

Digital Agency

We got the insider scoop on the best things about working for a leading digital agency, from a digital agency devotee.

Digital agencies have sprung up everywhere in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As more and more of us are forced to take shelter at home, working from the confines of our houses is just something we are now accustomed to. Couple that with the rise in unemployment brought about by so many business closures, and you start to get a grizzly picture of the digital scene.

But it’s not all bad. Since most businesses moved online entirely in the last year or so, we have seen a vast rise in demand for digital services. If you are focused on social media branding, if you are invested in web design, if you have the know-how to keep someone’s digital marketing firm in the red, then you have a job in the digital workspace – even if you have to forge one for yourself.

The Perks of Working for a Digital Agency

Whether you decide to go become a freelance digital consultant, or join an existing digital agency, you can expect a few benefits to come your way. One of the most obvious perks is the fact that the digital marketing industry is growing rapidly, and is very clearly here to stay. In fact, experts predicted that the industry will grow by more than 25% in 2020-2021. Companies from all industries have started to see the value in digital marketing and are shifting their budget to reflect that. This means not only job security, but plenty of opportunities for growth.

We caught up with the marketing team Fresh Engagements and asked their staff what they loved most about working for a digital agency.

Perk 1: You Learn the Tricks of the Trade

Arguably the best thing about working for a digital agency is that you get to learn tricks and tips that you might not have otherwise known about. You’ll learn how to post and what to post to social media accounts. You’ll learn what clients respond best to, how to manage your website, and how you can grow your following. Most of all, you’ll learn the art of building an engaged audience which is extremely valuable especially for businesses that are selling goods and services.

If you are running a digital agency, you might not want any of these things for yourself. But, knowing how to benefit from social media can earn you a passive income just from posting on your own account. It’s not usually for digital agency employees to become influencers. In some cases, influencers will seek employment within the industry to learn how things work.

Perk 2: You Network Like Crazy

When you are part of a different network of people, you are making new connections daily. When you do it as part of your job, you have the bonus of being paid for those networking opportunities. Networking will always help you on the way up in your career. As they say, be friendly to those you meet on the way up because those are the ones you will meet on the way back down.

Perk 3: You’ll Master Industry Software

Tips and tricks of the trade are one thing, but to understand the software behind analytical data? That will last a lifetime. Forever after you work for a digital agency, you will be able to look at information collected about consumers and recognize where and when to make tweaks. This is a big part of your job as a social media and online advertising adviser and should result in a transferable skill you can keep for life.

Perk 4: You Can Advance Your Career

Knowing the tricks of the trade is one thing. But understanding the software behind analytical data? That’s an experience that will forever be valuable. After working for a digital agency, you will be able to look at information collected about consumers and recognize where and when to make tweaks. Understanding how to use analytical software provides you with the tools to determine how audiences engage with content. Not only that, but these tools can help you target specific audiences based on their location and demographics. This is a big part of your job as a social media expert and will result in you gaining a transferable skill you can keep for life.

Perk 5: You Can Work Remotely

One of the coolest things about working in the digital landscape is that you can work from anywhere! It’s not unusual for digital agencies to have employees, or consultants, that work remotely either from home or from an entirely different country. This can be extremely helpful in allowing you to have a better work/life balance, and save you time commuting to the office daily.

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