‘Bath Box’ brand by Ashton Jude Now On Track For Global Expansion & Multi-Million Dollar Valuation


With humble beginnings, as a weekend hobby at home, the success of Australia’s fast-growing ‘Bath Box’ brand is remarkable. Quickly becoming a well-known brand across households in Australia, Hannah Pereira founded Bath Box in her kitchen in Melbourne, Australia.

Today, with the help of serial entrepreneur, Ashton Jude, Bath Box has grown into a company on track for $5M sales in 2021.

Ashton came on board in 2018 and alongside third partner, Kimberley Pereira, helped rebrand Bath Box as ‘Australia’s Luxury Bath Brand’.

Like so many successful startups these days, Bath Box was born as a solution to a very common problem. In fact, Hannah (originally from the USA) was struggling to find suitable skin care in Australia for her acne-prone skin. Unfortunately, the skin care brands she relied on in the USA were not available in Australia. Though she searched local shops and popular department stores, trying several brands, she could not find anything that worked for her skin.

This led Hannah to begin researching DIY and at-home skin care treatments. After weeks of experimenting, Hannah formulated several natural soaps, face masks, and skin scrubs. And when she posted photos of some of her creations online, it was met with plenty of comments from people asking how they could purchase them. Hence, Bath Box was born, originally with a line of skin care, but later refining the product line focusing solely on bath goods.

Currently at Bath Box, the two best selling products are part of their bath comfort range – their originally designed bath pillow and bath caddy. However, their massive range of luxury bath bombs, and bubble bath products are also fan favorites and were the catalyst for early business growth. This eventually led to the creation of more recent products such as their bath salts and bath soaks.

During 2020, the period of pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, Bath Box sales exploded. In fact, things got so busy for the company that they hired 15 additional staff members.

It was this growth boost that helped the business reach new highs, with Ashton telling us that ‘global growth is on the cards’ for Bath Box. With a large Instagram fan base located in North America, this move could make a lot of sense for Bath Box, but could be as far as two years away according to Ashton. ‘We believe that we can continue to grow our business in Australia, but will begin to explore ways to sell our products in the US, Canada and the UK around the end of 2022 or early 2023’, says Ashton.


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