6 Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life


A better and more exciting sex life can be on the cards with a little knowhow. Here are some tips to provide you with just that. 

  1. Use Sex Toys

Who said that sex toys have to be just for solo play? Whether you and your partner browse a website or store together, or you buy something to surprise them, you can be sure that there’s always something out there for you both. Find the here.

The inclusion of the best sex toys in your relationship might be somewhat intimidating at first, but if you and your partner are on the same page, and don’t think too much into it, it can actually be an excellent tool for getting yourselves out of a rut.

II. Invest in Lube

One of the most under-appreciated and underrated sex toys that you can have in your arsenal is definitely lube. Lube is actually a necessity for some people to make sex pleasurable and comfortable, but it is a tool capable of helping everybody experience less discomfort and more friction.

The end result is actually more orgasms and better sex for all. Whether you choose a water-based or an oil-based lube is all up to you, but it is generally advisable to avoid anything silicone-based if you will be using it with silicone toys.

III.        Wear Lingerie

You have probably lost count of the number of times that you have bought lingerie and allowed it to slide to the back of the drawer only to see the light of day approximately 2 days out of the entire year (birthdays and Valentine’s Day). You can certainly be sure that you aren’t alone.

Instead of getting in that same routine, always try to wear your lingerie whenever possible. Try wearing the bra and panty set you love most under your outfit, or wearing a bodysuit with a pair of jeans and a blazer for a dinner date.

Wearing your lingerie does not always have to be an awkward costume change when you are starting to get hot ‘n heavy with your partner. If you don’t own any sexy lingerie, you should try finding something you enjoy.

IV. Don’t Fear Quickies

Sex does not always have to be in a bed lined with rose petals and lit candles. It can actually be just as exciting when it is spontaneous or out of the blue and does not go throughout the night. Try having sex in the morning rather than at night or when the children are sleeping. It does not need to go for hours for both of you to have fun.

V. Track Your Sex Life

If you and your partner live very busy lives, it can be easy to go a few weeks without even touching each other. Fortunately, apps such as Clue and Nice Sex Tracker both have options for keeping track in a calendar view of your sex life.

If your stats start dipping, you can use the tips and tricks discussed here to boost them up. You also have the option of using your planner for this, but you may want to come up with a code such as a fun emoji if you are afraid of other people seeing all the days you had sex.

VI. Schedule Sex

While scheduling sex might seem routine or weird, it is actually an excellent way to encourage both you and your partner to have sex no matter how tired you feel at the end of the night. Whether you choose specific days of the week or put it on a shared calendar, you will know when you get up that morning that you will be having sex later suggest Dior Escorts

If you do schedule a day, remind your partner and not simply because that both of you will probably forget, but to further build up the anticipation. Text them the morning of, or talk about it over breakfast. Allow both of you to get excited about having sex.

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