Salim Elhila on Why He Started Learning Master

Salim Eihla

Salim Elhila, the co-founder of Learning Master, is a mathematical engineer, data scientist, and successful e-commerce entrepreneur. He graduated from INSA Toulouse with Mathematical Engineering and Statistical Modeling as his major. The data scientist soon went on to get a job in the artificial intelligence field. But he wasn’t comfortable doing that job. Even though it paid well, he wanted to try e-commerce. This led him to develop a marketplace of various trendy products that sold like hot cakes from his online stores. But he wasn’t content with e-commerce either. He was passionate about human relations, and e-commerce wasn’t providing him that.

The start of Salim’s training career

It may sound bizarre when you hear that someone who is doing so well in an industry is moving to another job without any experience in it. But Salim believes in taking that risk. When he left his AI job, he didn’t know a lot about e-commerce. He learned his way up. When he left e-commerce, he only had the idea of training others but wasn’t too experienced either. But he decided to try it anyway.

Salim first created a community on YouTube and Facebook where he offered advice to new entrepreneurs on how to deal with various online training roadblocks. He loved the experience of sharing and exchanging his views so much that he soon planned to start a coaching program that would also generate revenue while teaching others. Salim was already getting tons of positive feedback from his YouTube and Facebook community. That allowed him to shift to his online video training program that allowed his students to achieve spectacular results.

Starting Learning Master

With the support of a huge number of students, Salim decided to start Learning Master, his online training program with his partner Djibril Mara. He said, “I wanted to channel my focus into helping freelancers and entrepreneurs who also want to start a coaching or training business. I often see that they can’t accomplish their objectives because they don’t know the tricks of the trade. Djibril and I are both passionate about training people. We love sharing our knowledge and experience with those who have high ambitions but are not aware of the nuances of online consulting or online coaching.

Most importantly, this was a unique business proposition. We didn’t want to work with anyone that would come our way. It had to be those who would support our views, values, and ethics. That’s why we have a screening process that allows us to pick the best. We believe in helping the students define their entrepreneurship goals. The ones that already have goals, we help them set actionable plans that they can achieve step by step.

One of the advantages of coaching is it allows us to identify the passions of different entrepreneurs. We give direction to those passions because sometimes, students don’t know where to channel them.”

Learning Master is now one of the most popular training programs for entrepreneurs and freelancers. You can enroll yourself and see why people love it so much and how your online training platform can benefit from it in the future.

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