Meet Andrew-Paul Salvatore Ragusa, taking over the world of real estate in America as a true blue professional.


He shares about his journey and how he reached where he is today in the industry.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those people who always strive to achieve excellence in whatever they choose to do in their lives and career? Well, these individuals shine brighter in the business space, in their respective niches, because they believe in learning new things, gain much knowledge and work towards attaining expertise in their industries, which ultimately takes them towards the success they seek in life. This has what happened to an ace businessman in America’s real estate sector named Andrew-Paul Salvatore Ragusa, who has risen high as a realtor, investor, coach and businessman, many are looking up to.

Born in 1985, he hailed from Brooklyn and later got shifted to Long Island. However, he confesses he was disengaged in school but loved socializing with people. Over the years, he learned how to earn friendships and interact with people and looking back now; he thinks he was being bred for real estate since he learned from a young age how to speak with people and earn trust. Andrew says that he had realized that school will never prepare him for the real world and understood that he would have to pave his own path and enter the business world. Recalling how he got into the real estate industry by accident, Andrew says that he attained master’s and bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and made efforts towards the administrative end of the Healthcare systems in Long Island. He has worked for the industry for a decade and was a notary public, and was certified in all of the Microsoft office programs, but still felt something was amiss. After remaining unemployed for two years, Andrew stumbled upon an ad for a real estate course and thought to get his real estate license temporarily.

He understood its potential, and after entering within three weeks, he got his first deal after getting licensed and went ahead in gaining great success in the first two years. Fresh out of the estate school and only one year in the business, he closed 10 real estate transactions and since then has never looked back. Today, Andrew has opened his own real estate brokerage firm, an investing firm with investing other people’s money in real estate flipping houses and also has a coaching business for aspirants in the realty space. In two years, he even invested over $100,000 into mindset training programs and it has paid off exponentially because now he leads others towards the same path and watches them have great success.

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop this young business gentleman to flourish his career through his ventures. To know more, follow him on Instagram @andrew_ragusa_

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