Belal Life Has One of the Finest Rare Watch Collections in the World

Beial Watch

As per Statista, the luxury watch market value is estimated at 6.93 Billion USD worldwide. The world is full of watch lovers who like to collect bespoke timepieces.

However, every new or veteran collector often finds it challenging to find a watch boutique where they can find genuine watches that are a collector’s delight. When avid watch collector Belal Shehar figured this gap in the watch industry, he launched Belal Life to curate one of the rarest and finest collection of luxury watches in the world.

Today, Belal Life is recognized as a supplier that offers the best & limited collections of luxury watches globally with immediate availability and fair pricing.

The Finest Luxury Brands

The company has witnessed massive growth since its inception due to excellent customer service, fair pricing, and an incredible inventory of watches that is unmatched not just regionally but globally.

From Audemars Piguet to Patek Philippe, Rolex to Richard Mille, Belal Life prides itself on stocking the best timepieces in the world in its atelier.

Belal Life’s vault of watches is replete with other famous brands like Hublot, Cartier, BVLGARI, Bovet, and others. Watch collectors can not just buy but also sell or trade their watches at competitive prices.

A Timeless Legacy

The company’s watch experts or horologists assist high-end clientele in choosing watches that match their expectations and can be passed down to generations as a timeless legacy. Genuine products and fair pricing ensure that the buyers are making valuable investments for a lifetime.

Convenience Redefined

Being a watch company born in the digital era, Belal Life has leveraged its online storefront as well as social media platforms to connect with its customers. Buyers can view a wide range of luxury watches, find details, request quotes, watch videos as well as book store visits or get the items shipped directly at their doorstep.

Watch boutiques like Belal Life are innovating the luxury watches industry with their customer-centric approach, and it is definitely in favor of watch lovers.


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