The Backstory of Luxury business Fragrance Owner Ayesha Ziya

Ayesha Ziya
The Backstory of Luxury business Fragrance Owner Ayesha Ziya

Ayesha Ziya is the CEO and Founder of the upcoming luxury fragrance company; Ayesha Ziya Limited, based in Preston, England. Her inspiration comes from her love of the traditional Middle Eastern scents found across Arabia and the modern and exiting scents found in France. The powerful and beautifully tailored aromas found in Ayesha Ziya’s fragrances are truly unique to the perfumery world. However her collection expands much further than her fragrances and she has devoted the past 6 years into crafting many other products like her divine bespoke Gift Set and ever-popular Bakhoor Burner.

The Backstory

Just six years ago Ayesha Ziya, dreamt of becoming a successful businesswoman of her very own fragrance company. The story is a very different tale from today. Ayesha Ziya’s hometown Preston, England was the birthplace of her beautiful pioneering success story, and the road to becoming a businessowner never came to Ayesha easily, and thus is the reason Ayesha Ziya is still incredibly devoted and involved with furthering her businesses every day. Truly motivated by her mother and an appetite to provide for her family, her desire to provide fast-tracked her entire business growth to where she is today.

Present and the Future

Ayesha Ziya is not slowing down anytime soon, as she has a very busy year ahead with launches of new products set to be released throughout the year. Possibly the biggest achievement so far for the budding entrepreneur is the grand opening of the new Ayesha Ziya head quarters in beautiful city of Dubai. The growth of this business is sure to bring more surprises to come. There’s no doubt that the only route for Ayesha Ziya and her business is up.

Due to Ayesha Ziya’s passionate ingenuity and desire to experiment, she has created a catalyst within the hearts and minds of all those who have tried Ayesha Ziya’s fragrances and it is no surprise that her fanbase continues to grow.


Since the launch of Ayesha Ziya’s iconic label in 2015 her business has grown and developed so much further than she dreamed and only time will tell how long it will be till Ayesha Ziya Fragrances will be known worldwide.

With captivating scents of the Middle East and France the riveting aromas of Oud, earthy depths of amber, zesty citruses and romantic florals. You’ll find Ayesha Ziya fragrances hard to resist once you’ve tried them.


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