Interesting talk (Agha Noor Delsooz), Afghan poet, writer and musician about poetry

Agha Noor Delsooz

Agha Noor Delsooz, one of the current Afghan poets who has also worked directly with more than 100 music artists, explained to his audience in a conference on poetry and poetry. Follow the excerpts of Agha Noor Delsooz.

Poetry is a kind of adventure that helps us to have a rich language and show clear images with words.

Writing poetry is a form of creative writing, even if you do not decide to publish it.

Some say that poetry is made when the best words are in the best places or it is a description of a scene with words. In this article, we are not looking for the meaning and history of poetry.

We want to know what we can do to cultivate and emerge if we think that the taste of poetry and literature lies within us.

It’s best to start by reading a poem. No matter what stage you are in writing poetry, you should constantly follow the poetry of others. Read poems of all time no matter what time and situation they were written. Try to learn and use the type of poems and the techniques used in them. Many people do not read poetry under the pretext of:

I am influenced by the poetry of others and I want to present a special work.

My poetry comes from my heart and is a kind of expression.

Poetry is a kind of artistic expression and there are no rules for it.

My mother says you have enough talent.


All of these arguments can be true, but if you want to prepare a poem for publication, you have to go step by step and consider all the points.

Among the famous Persian poets, except Saadi and Hafez, who are familiar to the minds of all of us, the poems of Bidel Dehlavi, Saeb Tabrizi, Talib Amoli and Vahshi Bafghi have an important influence on the process of composing poetry. Manzavi, Forough Farrokhzad, Houshang Ebtehaj, Nosrat Rahmani and Shafiee Kadkani mentioned. Of course, one should not just read the works of a few poets and ignore the works of other good poets. Read as much poetry as you can.

When you read the poetry of many people, you will have an indirect school with special and unique teachers.

But in addition to reading poetry, do not ignore stories, novels and even newspapers. The most important feature of a poet is that he is able to communicate with the world, so it is good to consider the issues of the day as well.

Always be writing and do not miss the pen. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Finally, you can achieve what you want from the heart of these exercises.

Allow yourself to write badly sometimes but do not stop writing. We are not saying to spend all day sitting at a desk and writing, but have a specific writing routine and stick to it.

For example, set yourself a goal to write two sentences a day and do it anyway. Daily writing improves and strengthens your poetic skills.

Sometimes you can take ideas from very simple topics in your life and environment, such as your career, your child’s toy, a flower pot on your desk, and cultivate it in your mind.

Always have paper and pen with you, or in other words, be a “permanent notebook”. Write whatever comes to mind. It is not necessary to sing a long Masnavi or a complete love lyric as soon as you get to work, but the poem is sometimes formed like a tall building by laying bricks on bricks and over time.

So do not rush. By doing this, you will have a collection of associations and writings that you can gradually edit and complete.

Do not underestimate the review. The fact that the rhymes of your poem are all correct and the story is over or that you like it is not the reason why it is complete. Good poetry moves the reader and impresses him. Communicates properly with him. It is difficult to write a poem like this and it needs to be reconsidered and carefully.

Many poets and writers, when they look at the text of their draft after a few days or months, say, “Did I really write these?”

When you have written a poem that you think is complete, put it aside and return to it after a certain amount of time. During this time you can work on your older poems and write new ones. Never stop reading poetry. Knowing that you can get back to work later and modify it will give you more freedom in early writing.

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