Talking about Tourism and the Impact of COVID-19


KENORA / Thunder Bay – POLITICS – The Tourism Sector has been hard hit with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This week we talk with Kenora MP Eric Melillo and Tony Baldinelli the MP for Niagara Falls and Conservative Shadow Cabinet as Special Advisor to the Leader on Tourism Recovery.

The tourism sector, including tourism attractions, airlines, bus companies, and especially hunting and fishing camps in our region have been hammered by the economic slowdown.

This week the talk is on what to do, what has been done, and the next steps forward.

Baldinelli shares on the issue of intercity transit how that sector needs help, and that he had just been on a zoom call with a private bus operator, Wilson ‘s Transportation a member of the CCBC, a coalition of bus operators that are working to form a national co-operative network of bus companies to work together.

Across western and Northern Ontario tourism operators are working to survive.