Should You Add A Security Camera To Your Home Alarm System?

Should You Add A Security Camera To Your Home Alarm System?

A few years back, the idea of having a security camera in your home seemed expensive and drastic. Today, technology has become accessible and affordable. In a genuine sense, not adding a security camera to your home alarm systems is now an odd decision. Technology has allowed primary advancements in video camera quality, recording capability, and affordability. A security camera will enable you to view your home at any time from virtually anywhere. As such, adding security cameras to your home alarm system is a smart move. Here are the reasons you should add security cameras to your home security alarm system.

  1. Deter Criminals. The presence of cameras in your home can prevent criminals from breaking into your property because they know they are being recorded. However, avoid using dummy cameras because most burglars can spot them from far. Criminals always take property before stealing. If they spot professionally installed cameras, they will most likely avoid robbing that home. If they go ahead and rob your home, you can use the recording to help lead to their capture and maybe return your stolen goods. You can also deter criminals who use the back yards and garages by using motion-sensing cameras. These cameras will start recording when the security lights turn on. Burglars know that the threat to prosecution is high when cameras are present. As such, they will look for easier targets and leave your property alone.
  2. Helping Law-enforcement. If you are a victim of burglary, the security cameras in your home alarm security will record the incident in high-definition. The police or other law enforcers can use these images and videos to capture the culprits, prevent future crime, and return your stolen goods.
  3. Lower Insurance. You can save money on your insurance by adding security cameras to your home security system. Most insurance companies offer lower premiums if your home is protected against theft, fire, and vandalism. Professionally installed security cameras can net you a 15% or 20% discount on your insurance rates. You can also reduce your electric bills by automating your home security system. You can turn off the lights, TV, change the temperature, and control other aspects of your home from a smart home device. A security camera will allow you to see that you left the lights on, and you can use your smartphone to turn them off. As such, security cameras are an excellent way to cut down on expenses.
  4. Checking in on your Family. Security cameras come with other benefits beyond protecting your home. You can also check on your kids while you are at work. Families with both parents working get a difficult time when their child gets out of school before the working hours are over. If you have a security camera, it becomes easier for you to check in on your kids from work. You only need to purchase an advanced security camera with a remote monitoring feature. Installing a security camera with facial recognition on your front door can send an alert saying, “Mary is at the front door,” so that you can know that your child arrived home safely. You can also have a two-way audio camera in your sitting room so you can see and talk to your family when you are not home.
  5. Pets. Like you can check in on your children, you can also use the camera system to check on your pets. Pets are a part of your family, and some people cannot live without them. However, sometimes you have to leave them at home, and this can be stressful. You may also find it expensive to hire someone to look after your pets. With security cameras installed to your home alarm security, you can check in on your pets from work.
  6. Peace of Mind. Having peace of mind is critical to every human being. Whether you choose to install wired or wireless cameras, you will always know that your property is safe. You can have a live feed of your home on your smartphone and get instant alerts should something go wrong. However, security experts recommend that you should not rely on security cameras alone. Having a complete home security system that includes a burglar alarm is the best defense.

When making adjustments to your home security system, be sure to add security cameras. You will realize that the investment will save you money and give you peace of mind.


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