Oni Seed Co: 5 Most Popular Products in 2021


Most people today are suffering from a sense of lethargy brought on by work. Waking up in the morning can be a bit of a chore sometimes. So, people utilize something like coffee or orange juice to wake themselves up. Nowadays, people have also started experimenting with a strain of Cannabis since study after study has shown the many benefits of taking it. Oni Seed Co is a reputed dispenser of Cannabis and derived products. Their mission is to create a healthy environment for their customers to enjoy and experience the beauty of their products whenever they wish for them. Here, we talk about the 5 popular products from the company.

Afghan Peach

This is a feminized variety developed from high-quality American genetics, an Afghan landrace range, and Papaya, resulting in a flavorful, potent, and high-yielding hybrid that will entice growers and smokers alike. It has a fruity base with notes of papaya, melon, and peach for a soft flavor on the palate. It is relaxing and stimulates the appetite.

Sour Banana Dubb

This poly-hybrid mixes Banana OG X Dosidos strain of Cannabis with Sour Dubb giving it its ripe banana flavor and sweet and fruity aroma with a hint of acidic scents. Its effects are intense and relaxing at the same time, giving a long-lasting energetic boost to the brain.

Cookies N Dubb

This is a feminized sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Dubb, and Starfighter Genetics. Its flowers have an intense smell, mixing acidic and fruity notes on a sweet and earthy backdrop, as well as an intense physical and mental effect, beginning with a euphoric rush and ending in a profoundly satisfying state of physical relaxation.

Tropicanna Cookies F2

This is a high-quality cannabis plant that is an F2 hybrid of two champion varieties, Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) and Tangie, that produces an awesome tangy citrus flavor with hints of cookies, as well as a potent and euphoric high. After a laborious selection process in which only the best results of each test were chosen, Harry Palms, one of Oni Seed Co‘s owners and breeders, personally selected this strain, ensuring high-quality seeds in all their offspring.

Poon Tang Pie

Poon Tang Pie is a feminized cannabis strain developed by crossing two well-known, high-quality strains from the US cannabis scene: (Tropicanna x Grape Pie) and Papaya, resulting in a flavorful, resinous, and cannabinoid-rich variety.

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