Famed YouTuber Kody Ellis White Changes Stage Name to Thirsty Crypto


K​ody Ellis White, the famed YouTuber, and highly successful investor, has changed his stage name. Deciding to go by the name Thirsty Crypto, Kody has made a move to transition his image and branding to something more indicative of the persona he’s worked hard to cultivate. Social media is all about creating the right brand and ensuring the message you are putting out there is authentic.

Changing his stage name was a no-brainer. “As the investment world evolves, my brand was evolving with it,” states Kody. “I wanted my brand name to portray where the investment world is going and how I can help others looking to get into the game.” Creative and unique Thirsty Crypto is all about power and education.

A​ firm believer in passive income and monetizing YouTube to its full potential Thirsty Crypto will equip his followers with the tools and knowledge to build their empires. “An empire requires multiple investment streams and a pivot towards the future,” explains Kody. “Investing, scaling, automation, and monetization is the foundation of any business empire.”

“​I’m excited for the evolution of my brand, and Thirsty Crypto represents the power of my team,” says Kody. “My brand is no longer a one-person show. It’s an empire.” Kody’s social media channels will be known as Thirsty Crypto from now on.

A​ brand and channel for the new age, Thirsty Crypto will continue to promote financial freedom through diversification. “Our audience will still receive what they’ve grown to expect,” states Kody. “Thirsty Crypto is a brand for the new normal where we are all set up to succeed.”

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