Ace of Spades Public Relations


What is the purpose of a press release for an entrepreneur? Jay Jay, owner and founder of Ace of Spades PR Agency, shares three reasons why getting in the press is essential for any entrepreneur in today’s day and age.

  1. You gain exposure

“It seems like everybody lives on the internet today. So why not take advantage of that?” Jay Jay says that if you want clients and customers to come to you, they need to know you exist. Getting your name and business published in the press is a great way to bring more exposure to yourself and your products or services.

  1. You become more credibility

“Your potential clients and customers are going to compare you with your competition before choosing who to pay. If they can see that you are serious, real, and credible, they will choose you over others.”

  1. You become more trustworthy

It’s very easy to get scammed online these days, and nobody ever likes to fall prey to that. “If you are published online, it automatically makes you trustworthy because it proves that you are a real business, and that you aren’t trying to hide from anyone. Scammers are always trying to hide and disappear, so the more you appear on the internet, the more trustworthy you become.”

Ace of Spades has already helped hundreds of personal brands in over twelve countries in the past year. To learn more about the agency, you can visit their website and find Jay Jay on Instagram @jayajaylive.


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