Motivational Speaker Jay Jay Shares 5 Tips to Help You Conquer the Pandemic

Motivational Speaker Jay Jay

Jay Jay is an international speaker from Australia with decades under his belt as a magician, TV host, and digital creator. In this article, he shares five tips to help you conquer the stresses and anxieties related to the pandemic.

Stay positive

This tip has been around forever, and almost everyone knows what it means. Yet, it remains a difficult one to follow and cultivate. Ever wonder why? It’s simple. It’s the classic example of ‘easier-said-than-done.’ To be positive is not a thing you feel but a thing you become. It’s the place you go to in order to clear your head, gain clarity, and put new insights into action. It’s an attitude of the mind and a potter’s wheel for thoughts. If you train yourself to stay positive, then you can deal with the pandemic in a much better way than you would when you don’t.

Become a hobbyist

The lockdown has confined everyone to their homes. Suddenly we all have too much time on our hands and no idea what to do with it. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, it’s time to cultivate a hobby. You can go back to something you always enjoyed doing or get on YouTube and find something that interests you now. As you begin to spend more time with your new hobby, you’ll feel energized with the result you see, and the joy of creation will help you cope better with your time.

Connect with others

Take a moment to show your gratitude to the fact that you aren’t living in a village sometime in the 18th century. Let that thought sink in. As the sense of a blessing amid catastrophe dawns on you, get up and learn to take advantage of the privileges life has granted you. The internet, the mobile phone – use these as tools to connect with friends and family. And when you connect with others with a positive mindset and a hobby to share, you motivate them in return.

Don’t slack

At least not more than you already have. Develop a self-care routine, short and healthy visits to the refrigerator, a wake-up make-up regime, and so-on and so forth. Give yourself a sense of duty towards yourself.

Start a diary

A cliché isn’t a bad thing or idea. It’s just something that works! Like starting a diary. The whole act of opening a journal, picking up a pen, and slipping into contemplation is a whole mood – a mood that works to keep you organized and in control of yourself.

Challenges will come and go, but the measures we take to deal with them will stay on. With Jay Jay’s five tips, you can give yourself the chance to turn a tough time into a productive one.

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