An Unbelievable Love Story – Michael Graziano Meets Natasha Grano On Audio App Clubhouse.

Michael & Natasha
An Unbelievable Love Story - Michael Graziano Meets Natasha Grano On Audio App Clubhouse

People are gushing over this sought-after wedding of 2021 on Clubhouse.

Love is something that truly helps individuals cross boundaries, face innumerable hurdles and overcome the same. It gives strength and courage to people and inspires others to feel its magic. Long we have heard love stories in our lives, where people always depict the same old story of how two people meet, fall in love and get married. But, a certain modern-day romance that we encountered recently has a little twist in the same. After all, what is a love story without a bit of a twist? Well, a power couple named Michael Graziano and Natasha Grano met each other digitally on an audio app named Clubhouse and now they have decided to tie the knot soon on the same. Yes, now that is a sweet twist to the love story, we must say.

Imagine two individuals meeting on the famous audio app Clubhouse and turning it into their own love app, realizing their true love for each other through the same. This is what is their famous love story all about. After meeting each other a week after Valentine’s on the audio app, Natasha drooled over Michael’s voice and knew there was something that was taking her towards him. They both linked up on Instagram and now have become inseparable, so much that they are getting married soon, on Clubhouse, with a legal pastor, groomsmen, bridesmaid and digital decor as well; the cherry on the top would be the celebrity performances, for which everyone’s waiting for eagerly.

Both of them are high-performing professionals in their niches. Natasha Grano is one of the top mindset coaches and is also the #1 female motivational speaker under 40 in the world. On the other side, Michael Graziano is a Canadian entrepreneur whose PR company Mindful Media is doing exceedingly well. He is also the youngest Canadian to visit all 193 UN nations in the world.

The two have co-hosted one of the largest events on Clubhouse already with many of the best-selling authors, co-founders and thought leaders, and apart from that, they also host hundreds in a private mastermind group called “Manifest Your Lover”, including prominent personalities and couples.

Truly, Michael and Natasha’s is an unbelievable love story, where in a way, they have also normalized digital weddings. What a great way to move forward. Kudos to the amazing couple.

Want to know more? Follow them on Instagram @globaldegree and @natashagrano.


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