Seyma Yaman K
Seyma Yaman K
Today we will have a different topic to discuss. Maybe you will have an emotional moment or be surprised maybe give a smile… In fact, the emotional reactions you will give to all my meaning-laden sentences will be the points that complete your perspective on life.

The start of production of SEYMAYKA beauty blender sponges, which is my first production process after, took place in a very different place from where I expected. In a hospital…

I am an MS patient who has been living with attacks for twelve years. One day, one more of these attacks came. But this time, it hit me in a very strong attack. I experienced a loss of vision and balance due to the spinal part of the attacks. When I went to the Royal Melbourne hospital emergency room, I seemed to hear them deciding I had MS after hours of conversation. I knew the course of my illness. Administration of 1000 mg cortisone serum daily for a maximum of 10 days is the temporary treatment method of this disease. Meanwhile, I had to continue the production process of SEYMAYKA for which I applied for a Trademark. I could not exceed the cost I set in my mind, and if I have to explain, even if a cent was more, I would not have it produced again.

That day, when I was in the emergency department of the hospital, they took me to a different room to stay overnight. I asked why I was hospitalized and when I asked if cortisone would be given overnight, they said, “It will not be given.” With the passage of time, I saw that they were afraid that the vision loss would be permanent and that they were waiting for when they should start emergency treatment. I felt that something was wrong at that time and I wanted to leave, saying I want to stay at home. I know it will sound a little strange. How can you go without going to stay at night without being able to see and balance properly!?


When I got home, we talked at length about this production process with my business partner, and instead of me, he directed me to the numbers he saw on the computer and the results of our research. That night I felt that I was left in the dark for the first time… That night we made the first big decisions about the Seymayka brand. Seymayka started out as a brand born out of darkness. The process at Royal Melbourne Hospital is just beginning. The next day my doctor, Chris Dwyer, called me and said he wanted to see me.As soon as he saw me, he sent me from there with 25mg cortisone and the tests he put in my hand, saying that you do not look like an MS patient.

Three months later he wanted to see me for a check. Since I did not get enough cortisone during this three-month period, it took months for my vision loss problem to resolve. I became my own doctor every day and tried to get my eye to move to the right or left with eye exercises. And of course, I made great decisions for Seymayka during this time. When I talked to my doctor three months later, he told me that I had severe aggressive MS, and because of the excessive lesions on my MRI results, we urgently need to start the treatment in serum form every month.

When I first entered the hospital, I realized that there was something odd, but the decisions that changed so quickly drove me into doubt. I spoke with two well-known MS professors in Turkey, one is ŞerefDemirkaya and the other is Aksel Siva. My brother found these two doctors from Turkey while I was struggling with the disease. My whole family is in Turkey and although my body lives here, my soul is there, which is one of the reasons that aggravate the process. My brother sent the results, including the information about my illness and my MRI images, to the doctor’s address. After days of conversation, his secretary said he would come back to us, but never did… I still remember what he said to his other doctor as yesterday “Why did you call me? The best doctors are in Australia, put yourself in their hands! ” Then I continued research without giving up. I talked to a lot of doctors in Turkey, what they all said, “You stand too strong, you cannot be MS” or situations like so many professors staying silent because they could not solve the situation!


I spoke with another MS specialist at Alfred Hospital and his words were that, unlike Chris Dwyer, I wasn’t an aggressive MS patient.The conflicts of thought among the doctors themselves drove me into a deadlock. Then I realized that this was going to be my struggle. What did I do during this period? I did persistent rock climbing on my body and climbed to the highest point I could climb and increased my daily fitness. I started to consume dairy products more, I worked harder. My work on Gobrandsy, modeling and promotional activities I made with some brands, my columns that I wrote during this time period, my students who teach mathematics in Turkey and many things that I cannot count, I realized in this time period. At the end of the months, my body healed itself.

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

I emailed Prof Trevor Kilpatrick at the Royal Melbourne Hospital about all that happened at the hospital and he returned to me by e-mail the next day early in the morning. He told me that they started an investigation into this situation and that my body was strong because it regenerated itself. At that time, I “smiled” inside and said “Why” … I designed every event I told you as a summary summary. One of my favorite phrases is as Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” strengthens. My only opponent is my own body!

  • I exercised despite my muscles being tired!
  • Even though I couldn’t balance, I danced!
  • Even though I couldn’t see it, I solved the students’ questions and continued to work on my own brand! I did not complain why I am going to the hospital often!
  • Despite the people around me that destroyed my psychology, I kept my mood strong!
  • I always went to the hospital in my best look!
  • I can’t make up like other ladies, I didn’t say I’m ugly and continued to be a model!
  • I live with twenty-five lesions in my brain, when I wake up tomorrow, I did not quit life because my body might become paralyzed!
  • Despite everything I SMILE!
  • And I did not believe that luck as the doctors said, I believed in Fate!

The Seymayka brand was formed in this chain of events that I have just described, so its value is invaluable.Although Seymayka is a new brand, it has managed to become a Best Seller on Amazon in two weeks!I also paid $ 1000 for my site extension, myself. Someone else acted before me and bought the domain. I got the site back and is currently under preparation. It will be with you soon with a beautiful website that includes Seymayka and other brands.

The human body has been created so magnificently, believe me, we can do anything in line with the thoughts we imagine. Let’s equip ourselves at every point. People give us credit only for what we ourselves believe.- Karl Gutzkow

You can connect with SEYMAYKA on Instagram – @seymayka and on Facebook – @seymayka

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