Age is Just a Number: Javed Khan the Young Trading Entrepreneur


We all have dreams. Some of us achieve them, some of us allow those dreams to flutter away. One of the main causes for not achieving those goals is a lack of determination to press through the dark and difficult times. Javed Khan is a London based entrepreneur who has plenty of experience in pushing through those dark and difficult times, despite the fact he is only 21 years old. Javed has been able to put together a significant fortune for someone his age due to his passion for the foreign exchange markets.

Javed’s burning passion was to have a job which would allow him to financially provide for his family, which he can now do. However, life wasn’t always that simple, and he has had to overcome some serious adversity to get to where he is today.

The story of Javed Khan begins as a student born and bred in the East End of London. Javed comes from humble beginnings, and he still keeps those humble beginnings close to his heart. However, he had a huge vision and found a passion for the foreign exchange markets while he studied at college in 2016. His goal was to be able to use this passion for the markets to financially support his family and friends, as well as educate others in his field. Despite this, reaching the level of success he has now achieved wasn’t quite that simple.

Despite Javed’s clear enthusiasm to learn about the foreign exchange markets, his first attempt at success led to him burning through all of his savings in a matter of hours. Despite this clear initial failure, Javed decided to take money from his father’s savings account in order to try and get himself started. With the heavy level of risk in the back of his mind, Javed still wasn’t able to succeed, and lost everything his father had saved. On top of this, he had borrowed money from friends as well. Times were tough at this point for Javed. At this point in his career, he had lost a total of £20,000 from his own savings, his dad’s savings as well as his friend’s money. He needed to recoup the money, so he started work delivering pizzas, but the dream wasn’t over. Javed continued to put money into the markets in the attempt to achieve his goals. Eventually, he began learning enough to see some success, and quickly was able to pay back his family and friends.

Javed quickly began to realise his dream of becoming a successful foreign exchange trader…but this wasn’t enough for Javed! Since his initial success, he has gone on to continue growth in his foreign exchange business, as well as become one of the world’s top foreign exchange tutors, helping other people realise the same level of success he has. It is safe to say that Javed Khan has managed to achieve his initial goals from his humble beginnings, and will continue to prosper further into the future. It is hard to believe that Javed is only 21 years old with the level of success he has achieved.

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