Nick Trigili recalls his initial phase of bodybuilding and shares some valuable tips

Nick Trigili
Nick Trigili

Fitness has become a quintessential part of our lives given its numerous health benefits. One can never ignore the perpetual advantages as well as the wide range of professional endeavors the fitness world presents. Bodybuilding is one such sport that has been pursued by enthusiasts who like to take fitness to its extreme levels. Nick Trigili believes fitness is a mainstream activity, whereas bodybuilding is a successive status.

Nick Trigili is a pro bodybuilding champion and entrepreneur, is the founder of marketing company- Automate with Amazon. Even though he didn’t have a tremendous beginning with his bodybuilding career, he shortly realized the implication of the same in his life and therefore decided to take on the path, which would direct him to success. Through the years, Nick has been consistent with his work, as he earned enormous success. He was bestowed with Mr. USA title 2014, which was a breakthrough in his professional pursuit. 

Some of the valuable tips he would like to share with his audience:

  • Noting your progress

Mapping your journey and listing your checkpoints is important. When you propose short-term goals, the intensity of your action becomes vigorous which in turn helps you to achieve your long-term goals. Analyzing your progress will give you an insight into your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Be consistent and execute your plans

Having a plan is one of the initial phases of your journey, which gives you the necessary nudge to work and excel. It has been observed that people often forget to execute their regimen and plan to create an unnecessary halt. Therefore you need to motivate yourself so that you can work on your plans effortlessly. 

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses

One should be aware of their flaws and solidity as it can help them plan better and work accordingly. You need to break your limits every day and evolve but working on extreme levels in the initial phase can burn you out and restrict your growth. 

  • Positivity

Incorporating a positive attitude along with your workout plan will help you fare through tough times. It’s common to witness failures and setbacks in this line, but understanding your mistakes and learning from them will take you to the paths of success. 

  • Be rewarding to yourself

Giving yourself time to adjust to the diet plan and workout regimen is important. Your expectations should match your capacity, hence you should be soft on yourself and work in your favor.


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