America’s leading finance magnate, Mark Atalla, lays out a few tips for successful private lending practices.



As the founder and managing partner of the exceptional private lending firm, Carlyle Capital, he continues to raise the bar for others in the private lending industry with his one-of-a-kind products and services that deploy capital against real estate in the form of short-term bridge loans as well as long term rental products to acquire, re-purpose, re-finance, or develop real estate holdings to benefit the real estate investors.

Business owners who up their game within their respective niche do so not only to achieve greater success, but also to inspire other professionals in the industry. Mark Atalla, a self-made businessman from a young age, is now in an influential position to share his ideas and a few essential tips for successful private lending practices.

• Focus locally

The private lending business model becomes the most successful when one focuses locally. When you become a local expert, you can succeed in funding loans as you understand your local marketplace. A successful private lender is one who is first into the investment business and then into the lending business. Individuals must invest in what they know and where they know.

• Be transparent

Do not pretend what you are not. Professionals should strive for total transparency with their clients through work that can exude their passion and visions. The authenticity and transparency with showing the actual deals a company has funded will attract more customers and develop more trust.

• Be specific

It is essential to be specific in explaining what a private lending firm offers. Over-promising but under-performing will not result in success. Be genuine with advertising and marketing by being specific about what services you offer.

The Carlyle Capital team has fostered a unique culture with a team of passionate professionals. They pride themselves on being part of a company that consists only of individuals who truly love what they do. This very energy and atmosphere have propelled them forward in the industry and have helped them pursue ever-rising levels of greatness.

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