Three Ways to Earn Yourself an Early Promotion

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After being at your job for a certain period of time, it’s normal to start thinking about a promotion. After all, being promoted means a higher position with better perks and higher pay. But no matter where you work, promotions will happen naturally. Forcing it is all but impossible. However, there are ways for you to increase your chances of getting promoted sooner than you think. Here are three ways to earn yourself an early promotion.

Make Yourself More Valuable

Employees are expected by a company to provide as much value to them as they can. You and your co-workers are what ultimately help keep businesses afloat as you complete the tasks given to you. So, it should go without saying that the better job you do, the more valuable you come off as. Employers want to see the best results possible from you. Your quality of work and how efficient you are dictates being considered for a higher position.

For example, de-escalating problems is a well sought-after skill when it comes to working at a store or restaurant. If you want to become the manager of one or the other, you need to show you can handle stressful situations with a calm demeanor. In turn, it makes you look responsible and helps make the company you work for look reliable and trustworthy.

Learn New Skills

You know how your job offer required you to have a certain set of skills? Those are just for that position alone. One of the most important aspects of getting promoted is learning new skills. To give you an example, let’s compare a junior technician to a senior technician. The necessary skills for the former position include being able to do preventative maintenance, learning the installation procedures and communications skills.

A senior technician not only requires these skills, the position also requires learning about architecture and infrastructure, product management, business skills and knowledge of ITIL services. To gain the necessary skills for your promotion, you’re going to have to go back to college. Positions such as a senior technician do require a degree higher than a bachelor’s.

Sure, going back to college may seem like the last thing you want to do, especially if you’re still paying off your current student loans. However, it’s not as bad as you may think. For one thing, you can consolidate your current debt into a new one. Secondly, you can take out a private student loan from a private lender to pay for your new degree. These lenders generally offer much cheaper rates, which makes paying off your student debt easier.

Take a Load Off Your Boss

Your boss is the same as your co-worker. They have tasks that require more attention than others. But if your boss is constantly being distracted looking after their employees, these tasks may never get done. In a way, they depend on you to make their job easier. Going back to the quality of work you produce, the better you do, the more trust your boss places in you. They know they’ll always be able to depend on you. You’d be surprised how far doing a good job, even at the smallest tasks, can help you get promoted.

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