Meet Nipun Anand, A Young Entrepreneur, Who Redefines Logistics And Cargo Business

Nipun Anand
Nipun Anand

Nipun Anand is a New Delhi-based entrepreneur, currently running Zeal Global, A GSSA cargo business. Nipun is a great believer of business innovation and experiments.

He started his cargo business in 2014, and in a short span of time it has become successful. Nipun has an MBA degree from University of Bradford, England.

In the last few years, Nipun has helped several international airlines to launch their businesses in India. It’s Nipun’s relentless passion and dedication that help him touch new heights of success in his entrepreneurial career.

Nipun Anand is actually following the footsteps of his father, Panna Anand. His father has over four decades of experience in cargo and logistics business. Whenever Nipun need any business-related advice, he rushes to his father-mentor for help.

Zeal Global is currently headquartered at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. It offers marketing and distribution to various international airlines and aviation companies who want to launch or grow their business in India.

Nipun also manages Teleport India, Air Asia’s logistics wing. Nipun revolutionised the concept of social commerce to help several business ventures thrive and create their global identity.

Today, thousands of entrepreneurs look up to Nipun as a source of inspiration. They closely follow Nipun on his social media channels to get entrepreneurial insight and tips.

Nipun Anand has a combined followers of more than four lakh across social networking sites. He is quite active on his social media and regularly shares interesting posts and quotes.

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