Meet Kashika Kapoor who has caught the attention of many with her passion for acting and prowess as a performer.

Kashika Kapoor
Kashika Kapoor

Isn’t it surreal to know and learn about all those people who make it huge in their areas of interest by believing in their dreams and putting in every possible effort? Different industries and sectors are filled with talented people, especially youngsters who show the promise and the tenacity to go beyond boundaries and create their unique niche. The entertainment space is one such that has so far produced innumerable such talented youngsters and have given them opportunities to radiate their brilliance in acting. We came across one such mesmerizing beauty and a pure talent named Kashika Kapoor, who has spellbound people at only 19 years of age with her modelling and acting skills.

From the very beginning, if anything, that fascinated Kashika Kapoor the most, it was everything related to the entertainment space and Bollywood. Looking up to well-renowned actors, deeply understanding the art of cinema and looking beyond the concept or core of a film was something she drew great interest in, which also inspired her deeply. As a kid, she confesses she did exceedingly well in sports and academics, but acting was something her heart was hooked on to.

Apart from acting, which she believes is a great pathway to express oneself in an alternate world, Kashika Kapoor also found her passion and peace in other art forms like martial arts, dancing and singing. She is an excellent Kathak dancer and has impressed people with her singing and acting skills. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Bollywood had a deep impact and influence on her always and thus; she decided to learn professional acting for a year from the renowned New York Film Academy, after learning acting from Jeff Goldberg Studio in Mumbai for six months.

Today, Kashika Kapoor is a rising name in the modelling and acting field, where she has already been a part of various projects and assignments. She did a Vedix ad, India’s Only Customized Modern Ayurvedic Hair Care Regimen, as the main lead, a Balaji ad as the ‘superhot girl’. As a model, she worked for Arpita Mehta’s digital shoot, White Maison de Couture’s Jewellery & Design collection for Seema Gujral, and has aced Shyamal and Bhumika’s collection as well.

Kashika Kapoor is also going to make her entry in Kollywood and is all excited for many other projects coming her way. We won’t be surprised if this beautiful and talented actress becomes the next big thing in Bollywood as well. To know more, do follow her on Instagram @kashikaakapoor and visit her website,

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