Nik Mulani on Why You Should Be Committed to Delivering on Promises, No Matter What!


Let your customers inform your business decisions. This is a very simple thing that most entrepreneurs overlook, and it costs them. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that their business is created for consumers and should therefore meet their needs.

From being in the industry for a long time, Nik Mulani, Chief Business Officer at Digital Nod, has picked up on this mistake and urges entrepreneurs to make their clients the center of everything they do.

Digital Nod, a digital brand-building agency, helps businesses build an unrivaled social media presence, create and maintain their pages, websites, press articles, and media placement. One of the things that the agency echoes to their clients is the importance of putting their customers first.

The digital world has empowered consumers not to be easily swayed by ads and promises from brands. Modern consumers do their research before settling on a business they prefer. Therefore, the best way to stand out and be chosen is to craft your strategies with your consumers in mind. Find what consumers are most in need of and deliver that.

This is what Nik and the team at Digital Nod have done. ‘We feel the client’s pain as we’ve been there on our way up, and we help them navigate the complex parts of the digital space.’ According to Nik, it is easy for brands to fall into scams since the digital world is full of anonymity.

‘Many of our clients have been victims of scammers who took their money and didn’t deliver on their promise. At Digital Nod, we are always committed to delivering on what we promise, no matter what!’

Nik states that they’ve developed a company culture that is dedicated to delivering the best for their clients and keeping the clients informed on what’s going on at every step of the process. It is not enough that you deliver a client’s needs, adds Nik; you must involve them in every stage so that they better understand what is happening.

Nik and the team at Digital Nod have come up with digital solutions tailored to help clients build and grow their businesses in a crowded online space. The company prides itself in solving some of the most pressing digital issues.

Every new service we introduce and explore is informed by a need that clients want to be addressed, concludes Nik.

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