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  Mumbai, April, 2021. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, a premiere institute established for over thirty three years, has seen an impressive spurt in enquires for enrollment for their cutting edge and well thought out fashion, interior, design, Event management and jewellery courses. . Analysis done for the period August 2020 – March 2021 shows a 30% jump in their number of  unique visitors, between the age group of 18 years to 30 years. Further studies reveal a high readership of the Institute’s out-of-the-box blogs on their site  amongst the young adult segment. While most enquires come from freshers seeking admissions into this super specialty design school, others who are already employed or are design professionals are looking to upgrade their skills.

JD Institute Of Fashion Technology encourage their team of bloggers to ‘free-think’ the topics around the main subjects of fashion and interior design. The output accordingly, is off- the-beaten- path and refreshing. How many blogs do our young minds come across on topics like Art in Aircraft Interior Design, or Is Tennis a Fashionable Sport? There is Grunge Music of the mid 1990s, but Grunge Fashion and related lifestyle? Yes, Grunge Fashion emerged from the dress sense the generation’s favorite musicians sported, and by the local rainy weather in Seattle, USA. So, gum boots and raincoats very much made up the Grunge look. Fashion designers too can follow the trending music genre and the resultant cult culture, and accordingly design their own look books.

Similarly, if shoes can be regarded as fashion statements, designers can offer their clients choices in the most suitable pairing of shoes and clothes, an important element of any fashion ensemble. A well- groomed look is often determined by the way one is shod. A blog done on “Why a pair of shoes speaks louder in terms of fashion” can set a fresh mind in a certain direction, perhaps to become the next Jimmy Choo one day!

Blogs at JD Institute Of Fashion Technology help open up avenues for career choices and advancement, thereof. For instance, a personal art collection can be made usable for private jets to adorn their cabin interiors, after being made aviation complaint. This involves stringent testing for safety, inflammability, toxicity etc. A different level of specialization. This in itself can become a career choice.

Such is the power and influence of the written word, and when crafted by JD blogs , it creates a lasting impression on young minds already fired up by their passion for design excellence.

The trustee of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology, Mr. Yogesh Dalal has always stated, “learn design and be creARTive.” Yogesh Dalal believes that knowledge is not only in the form of a particular course, whereas knowledge can be imparted through many many mediums. JDblogs is a wonderful platform for fashion enthusiasts to gain knowledge about various free-think concepts.

JD Institute, where your imagination becomes a career.

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