Ross Franklin’s Mission to Help Communities Transition into a Healthy Lifestyle 

Ross Franklin

A healthy lifestyle is a difficult thing for the mainstream population. Not everyone has the budget or understanding to achieve health goals. Although food is more affordable in large areas of the country and easy to have a good, solid, home-cooked meal, it is still not widely available knowledge all people have. Therefore, Ross Franklin, Founder & CEO of the Pure Green Franchise, has taken it upon himself to help transition the mainstream population towards a healthier lifestyle through his business.

Pure Green is a retail franchise and an omni-channel business spread over 30 states selling it’s products to over 40 sports teams across the country. It also has a wholesale and direct-to-consumer division. Ross founded the business to create healthier communities everywhere.

Our goal is to empower people to eat healthily. The transition is easy once they know-how. We believe that once there is the option of local superfoods, we can advertise health benefits to attract consumers,” says Ross.

Ross is well-known and highly sought-after for his health and wellness expertise, having been invited to speak on several forums and seminars about the benefits of healthy living. At Juice Con, the annual cold-pressed juice conference, Ross was a featured speaker. 

Ross also uses Pure Green to empower and encourage entrepreneurs in the local communities to start their own franchise units with his company, becoming healthier and wealthier. Since he founded Pure Green in 2014, the company has grown quickly. However, it was franchised only in 2020, soon becoming one of the fastest-growing juice bar franchises. Today, it is committed to opening 300 additional outlets in the coming years. Their most well-known and highest-selling products are smoothies, acai bowls, pitaya bowls, cold-pressed juice, and fruit and vegetable shots. The main USP of the company is the low start-up cost offered by the company. 

With national distribution available to franchisees, and affordable pricing that is offered to them, the Pure Green Company doesn’t have to worry about competition. Since the product is available to franchise owners for a reduced price, they don’t have navigate the problems of juice manufacturing themselves. Therefore, the franchise locations only take up a small area of real estate, saving a lot of money.

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