13 Reasons To Buy The Xiaomi M365 in Ireland

Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter
Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter

13 reasons why should by the Xiaomi M365 folding electric scooter Take a look and learn why it could be perfect for you.

1) Enjoy a minimalist design devoid of fancy frills. This simple model only comes in two colors, which are black and white.

2) The whole body is made using industrial-grade aluminium alloy, good enough to be aircraft quality. It needs to be given the compact size while being used by grown adults. The body material never compromises.

3) The ultra-portable foldable design means you can carry this thing anywhere you want to go.

4) As with any good vehicle, it comes loaded full of safety. This is especially true with the braking system. In particular, the front has e-abs while the rear has a mechanical disk brake. The shortest potential braking distance is only 4 meters. Other available smart features include an intelligent BMS system and cruise control. Take a look at GES If you want a fuller review of the Xiaomi M365

5) The battery is likely the most crucial component of the whole system. This model’s battery is a ginormous 18650 MAH li-ion battery, sporting a 280 WH capacity. Xiaomi cut no corners here. A full charge lets you go up to 30 kilometers, which is pretty impressive given the size of it all. Four LED lights serve as a battery indicator.

6) You can get an app on both Android and iOS platforms. This app will give you data like battery conditions, speeds, riding habits, and more.

7) Yet another awesome feature of this scooter is something known as the kinetic energy recovery system. It turns kinetic energy into actual electrical energy in order to recharge the battery. That means that when you ride this scooter, you don’t just draw charge off of the battery, but you also charge it back up some, too.

8) It’s rated IP54. That means you are getting a water-resistant electric scooter. Each electronic part is totally sealed, including the battery.

9) The tires are inflatable, skid-resistant, and shock-resistant.

10) The best speed you’ll get in normal mode is 25 kilometers per hour. If you engage energy-saving mode, then your top speed is lowered to 18 kilometers per hour.

11) The max charging time is just 5.5 hours. If you compare that to your smartphone, then you’ll notice how fast that is. The technology is definitely fast charging.

12) There are extra yet still crucial safety features, including the tail light indicator and front lamp.

13) Last but not least, the whole thing only weighs 12.5 kg. That includes the battery! If you get stuck in heavy traffic, just hoist it on your shoulder and walk away.

As you can see, there are many reasons to buy the M365 folding electric scooter from Xiaomi. Light in weight, water-resistant, rechargeable, and industrial-grade, this scooter is a great way to get around.


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