Why Shop Thobias is Disrupting Women’s Retail


Today, fashion has evolved from utility into an expression of one’s personality. Now as an ingrained part of our culture, fashion is universal, inundating nearly all facets of life. And now with access to even more outlets to find new styles and designs, the clothing retail industry has become oversaturated, causing consumers to feel overwhelmed with endless options. And while many women are constantly in search of runway designs at a reasonable price, it can be difficult to find a balance.


Though one emerging leader in women’s retail comes from an unassuming entrepreneur who recently made headlines last year after turning $2 million of Tesla stock into $12 million in just a year’s time. Serial entrepreneur Kevin Thobias, known for his massively successful e-commerce businesses is now at the helm of a new and innovative women’s wear line that invokes style, quality and affordability. His newly launched brand called Thobias is one of the first of its kind, offering high-fashion styles, designed in London and manufactured in Los Angeles. Though many of today’s popular e-commerce fashion brands are cheaply made, Thobias will be a refreshing alternative, with trending styles for the modern-day woman who doesn’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing.


But it isn’t just the design and manufacturing process that sets Thobias apart from competition. In fact, it is the brand’s whole approach to fashion itself that qualifies Thobias as an industry disrupter as the line will consist of fresh, new ideas for styles and designs. With the line debuting this month, Kevin looks forward to providing a new alternative for women looking for something different, yet on par with trends and reasonably priced. The brand will be known especially for its line of dresses made for occasions like cocktail parties, special events, date nights, and going out.

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