Jagmeet Singh – New Democrats Don’t Want an Election But are Ready


Jagmeet Singh on Budget 2021 and Pandemic Issues

Thunder Bay – POLITICS – Federal New Democrat Leader Jagmeet Singh joins us for a discussion on the federal budget, the possibility of a federal election, and where Canada needs to be as we fight the third wave of the pandemic.

First off the New Democratic Leader says there was good and bad in the budget brought down by the Liberals. The good is the moves on Daycare. The bad is that the Liberals according to Jagmeet Singh are leaving the costs of paying for the pandemic on the backs of ordinary Canadians.

Singh tells NetNewsLedger that the slow moves by the Liberals on solving the issue of boil water advisories for Canada’s First Peoples is wrong.

Having fresh drinking water and just being able to bath and wash is a fundamental human right states Singh.

Singh states that he feels it is wrong to hold an election during the third wave, and that he has committed to not bringing down the government at this time, but if an election were called, the New Democrats, Singh says are in far stronger condition to fight an election.