Henry Coffie Tells Us About His Goals and Ambitions


Coming from the Ashanti clan in Ghana, Africa, Henry Coffie is a successful fashion designer and business visionary. He started off in the world of fashion as an internee in Paris where he worked with a suit store called Yves Dorsey. Likewise, he additionally worked with a men’s wear store in Paris called 3eme Stella Rosso. Every one of these various stores expanded his love and passion for men’s style and lighted his profound interest in designing suits. In any case, it was the point where he worked with Nicolas Massing in London that he was inspired by the flawless European style suits. The European designs were something that Henry was quickly pulled in towards and realized that he too could make something like that. He was not only passionate about the suits but the sheer elegance and luxury of a perfect tailor fit.     


Henry believes that if you have a suit that supplements your shape and highlights your best features, you stand out in a room and people turn their heads to notice you. Therefore, when he is designing suits, Henry makes sure to emphasize on the fit, quality, and style of the suit. In addition to this, he also focuses on providing incredible client assistance, quick and free delivery, and fast turnaround time on bespoke suits. In general, most of his suits are perfectly customized according to your needs and are of great quality – definitely worth your money. When asked about his goals and ambitions, he stated that his goal is to be known as a fashion designer who focuses on quality, fit, and style. He provides his customers with excellent quality suits that have a perfect fit. Moreover, his brand offers an array of different fits according to your needs, including standard, slim, and custom. Moreover, each fit is made to give the customers an elegant customized look that compliments their body type together with oozing sheer class and grace.


Furthermore, Henry plans to continue expanding his company’s product selection and inventory, by coming out with sunglasses, colognes, and bags, etc. In addition to this, since his clients love his menswear collection, many of them requested for him to also start a womenswear suit brand. Thus, he has also been working on a womenswear suit brand for some time now and plans to release it soon.


The great services that he gives his clients are what drove him to accomplish and receive a number of awards. He has been awarded an excellence award by The Fashion 500 in NYC, the Fashion Designer 2019 Upper Darby Philadelphia award, and also has his name in the Best Fashion Designer 2020 Business Hall of Fame. 

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