Musician Aikarth Purohit’s Spectacular Accomplishments Speaks Of His Exceptional Talent & Creativity

Aikarth Purohit

People who are full of passion and the will to do something prominent in life always succeed. Aikarth Purohit always aimed to make his own mark in the Indian music industry. With his talent and commitment, the artist attained his goals. The 27-year-old from Rajasthan’s Udaipur is a well-establish singer, musician and the founder of one of the leading studios in Rajasthan – Baselard Studios (since 2016).

For Aikarth Purohit, the journey of success was full of challenges. But what kept him focused and sane during these tough times is music. He never gave up on his love for the art, and in 2013, he decided to pursue it independently professionally. Without any Godfather in the industry, he excelled only because of his skills and range of pop, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Punjabi, and Rock Music. Aikarth also has expertise in traditional Rajasthani folk music.

Talking about his accomplishments, Aikarth Purohit has worked with popular artists like Mohit Lalwani for Tum Prem Ho, MTV Ace of Space fame Baawle Chore for Aao Piyaji music labels like Zee Music Company. Aikarth has composed music for Rajasthani film and has done more than 200 live shows, concerts and events. The musician collaborated with brands like Zoom Car, MG Motors; created jingles for Suzuki and Indira IVR and acted in several Punjabi Music videos. He was a part of dubbing for Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan’s Love Aaj Kal and was a part of dubbing of super hit song Radha Krisha for Star Bharat.

Musician-singer Aikarth Purohit’s success is a reminder to everyone who wants to create a space for themselves in the vast world of the Indian music industry. He had immense faith in his art, talent, and audience and delivered every project with utmost honesty and compassion. He is an inspiration to many budding independent artists who have no big support but only their exceptional talent just like him.

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