Thinkers at WCTL Discuss the Importance of Women in Law


For a long time, the law industry was a male-dominated career. We have come a long way now and in the 21st century there is no career allocated to a particular gender. Recent research shows the number of women in this field is picking up.


West Coast Trial Lawyers (WCTL) is a top law firm in Los Angeles founded by Neama Rahmani and Allen Patatanyan and has more than 100 staff members. The firm is ranked first place, and rightly so, in personal injury cases and Neama and Allen have won over $1 billion in settlements and judgments. Here is the importance of women in law as discussed by WCTL:


  • Role models


The number of women in this field is currently struggling. Empowering those already in the profession will attract more women to join the industry. Law is very diverse and has different categories. One of the ways they can ensure having included all is by providing and pushing for equality to motivate more women to join the law field.


  • Women tend to offer better conflict resolution skills compared to men


When it comes to resolving an issue, women tend to analyze the conflict before coming up with a solution. They say women are peacemakers. In some cases, women can make both parties settle their issues and reach an agreement instead of approaching the court.


  • They offer better soft skills and teamwork


Women are known to be more emotionally intelligent. They have skills like critical thinking, self-motivation, and effective communication skills. They are also team players and excellent at multi-tasking.


  • Gender equality


The debate about women in leadership has been going for a long time. Compared to men, there are fewer women in this field, and so to flatten the curve and stop being gender-biased, we should work towards giving equal opportunities to all and stop undermining women.


The few women present in the field are very reputable legal practitioners who have achieved notable milestones. They have won exemplary figures in settlements and judgments. By motivating them and giving them opportunities, we are creating a better tomorrow, a future with gender equality, and showing the young females that there is no career they cannot pursue.


The legal field is very competitive. Women thriving in this arena are exemplary. WCTL is passionate about a future with more women pursuing law. Nothing is impossible – practice hard and be determined, and you’ll make it big in any field.

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