Social Media and Politics A Viral and Instant Hurricane

ontario legislature

#whereisDougFord Trending on Twitter

Thunder Bay – COMMENTARY – Social media moves fast. In the political arena, social media can move faster than a slap-shot in hockey. It has the power to virtually hit and hurt equally at times to the impact of a slap-shot.

On Twitter today, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is trending. Not #fordnation but #whereisdougford.

The Premier was not in Question Period in the Ontario Legislature, and that has critics taking to social media questioning why.

Some are from across the political aisle and targeted from the Opposition.

Overall, the social Tweets are showing that there are some who are not happy over the moves made by the Ontario Government to extend the Lockdown and Stay-at-Home orders.

Some are critical of the Ontario Government led by Premier Ford over what has been seen as bringing in politics to the decisions on COVID-19.