5 Pro-Tips to Be Successful on Instagram, as per Diamond Washington

Diamond Washington
Diamond Washington

Diamond Washington, an Instagram star, shares the following five tips to help you make the most of your Instagram page.

Up your photography quotient

A picture speaks a thousand words. On Instagram, this scales up to ten thousand or more. It has set standards on what’s ‘yay’ and what’s ‘nay’ when it comes to photographs as an overtly visual medium. To help users, Instagram itself keeps upgrading its features and ways in which uploads can grab eyeballs. If you are serious and clear about the image you wish to portray, start getting serious about your clicks’ quality.

Engage when you have something interesting to say

It’s been observed that people respond well to videos. The movement and the story have the potential to create an atmosphere that can enthrall the viewers or make them go ‘ugh.’ If you choose Team Enthrall, then make sure that your video has that caliber, or refrain from posting anything at all.

Optimize hashtags

A whole section of the world dwells in the realm of hashtags. They seem to have developed a life of their own. So be careful while picking your hashtags. The most common ones will turn you into an insignificant dot on the Instagram landscape. At the same time, carefully crafted ones, when backed with something interesting, can have a positive impact.

Fix a theme

A theme is that underlying binding factor that runs across your posts, giving it a recognizable form. To have your photos and posts look like members of the same family instead of bearing no resemblance to each other, opt for a theme that does justice to what you have to say.

Try to build a community

It’s easier said than done, and I often don’t encourage people to keep that in mind. However, you can hope to work towards it by keeping your content honest and heartfelt.

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