Stingray Withdraws Advertising from Meta Platforms: Facebook and Instagram


MONTREAL – TECH – Stingray (TSX: RAY.A; RAY.B), a leading music, media, and technology company, today announced its decision to immediately suspend all advertising of its products on Facebook and Instagram in Canada. This decision comes in response to Meta’s recent actions regarding Canadian journalistic content on its platforms, in light of the Online News Act (Bill C-18) and in support of Canadian news media publishers.

Eric Boyko, CEO and Co-founder of Stingray, commented, “We believe in the importance of a diverse and vibrant media landscape that supports a healthy democracy. We cannot tolerate Meta’s recent decision to block news from Canadian news media publishers and their potential implications for Canadian news content. As a result, we have decided to pause our advertising on Facebook and Instagram.”

Stingray also calls on businesses, governments, and institutions to express their disagreement with Meta’s affront to public policy and the news media through their advertising placement choices.

Stingray will continue to monitor the situation closely and will reassess its position as necessary in response to the evolving landscape.

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