Thunder Bay Hiring Freeze: Implications of Mayor Ken Boshcoff’s Proposal

500 Donald Street East - Thunder Bay City Hall
500 Donald Street East - Thunder Bay City Hall

Thunder Bay – POLITICS – In a recent announcement, Thunder Bay’s Mayor Ken Boshcoff has proposed a “HIRING HOLD” on all non-mandated current or upcoming vacant positions for the rest of the calendar year. This also extends to new positions that might be proposed in the budget, effectively postponing any potential hires until 2024.

“As we remain in our financial discussions I am proposing a “HIRING HOLD” for non-mandated  current or upcoming vacant positions for the rest of this calendar year. As well, any new positions proposed in the budget should also be held off until 2024,” stated the Mayor in an email to city media.

Ken Boshcoff
Ken Boshcoff

The most immediate implication of this hiring freeze is the intention behind it: fiscal prudence. By holding off on hiring, the city can potentially save a significant sum, especially if there are multiple positions that are either currently vacant or are expected to become vacant in the coming months.

However, this leads to another implication: the potential reduction or delay in services. Without filling vacant positions, certain departments or services could face understaffing issues, leading to inefficiencies, longer wait times, or possible postponement of certain projects or initiatives.

Administration has proposed a budget for 2024 with service cuts and a fairly significant increase in taxes.

Some members of Council tell Netnewsledger that getting Council focused on holding administration to account over spending.

Administration has proposed a number of cuts including elimination of transit service into Fort William First Nation and Neebing. As well Movies in the Park would be cancelled.

The city has also proposed cutting hockey rinks and skating rinks as well as eliminating maintenance at city parkettes.

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